• Pressure reading for testing new Pumps

      As per NFPA 25 Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems, in Chapter 8, the it states that if readings are above 95% of rated pump pressure, ...
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  • Flow Testing Hydrants Without Pitot

    I read NFPA 291 Section 4.9 about flow testing without a pitot gauge, but I do not understand where to get the variables. Can anyone help explain the process a little better to me?
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  • 2013-2016 Edition NFPA 13: (3)

    We have a Type 3 construction of a retrofit of 100 year old assembly building with concealed space below the 1st floor that meets all the requirements of The AHJ has questioned us, What is (3) Tight Construc...
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  • Necesito una Bomba hidraulica para Prueba Hidrostatica de Red Contra Incendio (red de Hidrante), alguna marca o modelo Listada????

    Que bombas listadas hay???Fire Protection Systems
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  • CMDA Storage Sprinklers

    As per NFPA 13-2019 chapter for design densities between 0.2 to 0.34 gpm  CMDA sprinklers with K-8.0 or greater can be used. However, in the market from my research, there are no  listed CMDA spri...
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  • False ceiling (Concealed spaces) Flow requirements

    I'm designing a sprinkler system in a ceiling area. I've decided to place sprinklers under and above the ceiling since the ceiling itself is combustible and there are also all electrical and HVAC installations. Are th...
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  • Double interlock preaction system - full building coverage

    Are there any occupancy restrictions where a double interlock preaction system may be used?  For example, could an entire hospital (Institutional) provide sprinkler coverage with a preaction system?  It appe...
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  • Dry System Delivery Times

    We have designed three dry systems for an nursing home in Tenn..  The building is divided into (3) riser systems. Each Riser covers Attic Area and Living Area in it section. Upon plan review, the S...
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  • AWWA vs ISO/EN Ductile iron pipes

    Good Evening all, What is the difference between AWWA compliant ductile iron pipes and ISO/EN compliant ductile iron pipes? What may go wrong if I replaced them?   Regards,
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  • Air Compressors

    I'm looking for some information regarding UL listings and air compressors for dry sprinkler systems.  Is there a requirement for the air compressor to be UL listed for this use? I know the air maintenance devic...
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  • 13 D System

    Has anyone been asked/required to provide a sprinkler system for a prefabricated mobile unit approximately 499 S/F. It would  be classified in the Residential  Group R-1 and the units will be used for transi...
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  • Method of Battery Calculation for Fire Alarm System as per NFPA 72

    Hello all, I am looking for a clear method to complete battery calculation for a Fire Alarm System. As per NFPA 72 [2013], "The secondary power supply shall have sufficient capacity to operate the system under qu...
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  • Fire risk advisor for Oregon forest land

    This is a homeowner question: My adult son wants to buy 50+ acres in Oregon forest land. He wants to live there. Can he hire an advisor (e.g., a certified fire mitigation specialist) to advise him before he buys a sit...
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  • High Pressure Standpipe Main

    My scenario is below: 50 story condo-all concrete and steel 2 fire pumps in parallel on ground level 2 stairwells-both have floor control assemblies, 1 stairwell is for redundancy with all the valves and such. the...
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  • Elevator Heat Detector placement

    We recently upgraded an elevator in our detention center.  The elevator inspector has cited us for having the heat detectors too far away from the fire sprinklers in the shaft and the mechanical room.  ...
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  • LPG- Fire

    LPG Fire can be emulsified with water? how you can justify using a firewater system for LPG handling industries.
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  • Flushing Flow Rate

    What are the NFPA flushing rates for external (unburied or underground) pipes? I believe that they should be the same flushing flows proposed for underground pipes as contemplated in NFPA 24   Than you,#Flushin...
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    In hydraulic calculations (using software) we normally find the fire pump pressure requirement using farthest sprinkler as the reference point and than add hose stream allowance as per hazard requirement. I need some ...
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  • C1D1 Taping Threads

    In a C1D1 environment do you have to tape threads?  Or no?  A company I called, Appleton, said no.  They said to use Kwiko A or Chico A, sealing compound, but the threads can still cause a leak right?
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  • Does zone control assembly is mandatory?

    In a project detection system is installed along with sprinkler system. So at that can is zone control is mandatory? Can anyone suggest as per codes?  Advance thanks.
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