• Smoke Detectors above suspended ceiling - Beam Pockets

    Working in Nassau County, NY where we are designing for Above Ceiling spoke detectors where the ceiling above has beam pockets.   My question is when the NFPA references ceiling height, is it the height above th...
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  • What NFPA Code Number details fire suppression wet pipe flow direction and function labeling requirements?

    I am currently trying to repaint scaling and corroded pipe a large scale facility fire pump room with multiple pumps for redundancy purposes.  What code will I need to look at in order to find the system flow dir...
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  • Floor control valve above false ceiling in accesible toilet?

    Hi there, I´m in a Multistorey building supervision and have a question, in an automatic dry sprinkler system can I locate a floor control valve above the false ceiling?, the floor control valve is inside the ac...
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  • Fire extinguisher

    What is the distance between ABC fire extingguisher
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  • Quick Response Sprinklers In a Dry System?

    Hi there,   I would appreciate some feedback on using quick response sprinklers in a dry system. I have found no reference in NFPA 13 indicating specifically if QR Uprights can or can not be used.  Therefor...
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  • Lintel or Soffit spec. for back-to-back sidewall spray sprinklers

    NFPA 13, Ed. 2016, clause requires back-to-back sidewall spray sprinklers to be separated by a continues lintel or soffit. What should be the dimensions, and if any other requirements, of the required l...
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  • Vortex fixed Sprinkler system Nitrogen bottle Hydro requirements

    Need some clarification on what the hydrostatic retest requirements are for 3 rows of 2500 psi Nitrogen tanks installed in bank for water mist suppression system in an underground fuel vault (not buried, in conditione...
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  • Interconnecting gas leak detection with deluge valve in LPG sytems

    Do we need to intercennect the gas leak detection panel with the deluge valve solenoid valve in the case of water spray deluge system for LPG tanks & equipment. Kindly note that our tanks are buried and deluge sys...
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  • silencing a fire alarm

    Can a fire alarm be silenced by healthcare facility staff if an alarm station was pulled by mistake? or Does the healthcare facility have to wait for the fire department official to arrive and silence?
  • How should fire hose connection and station Flow and Pressure Demand be Addressed in combined system Calculations

    Hi,   For a combined Sprinkler/Stand pipe System- Completely  Sprinklered , and fire hose connected to  wet sprinkler riserin accordance with which am verifying the system Fire Pump Size ...
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  • Fire Door Inspections

    What certifications are required to conduct annual Fire Door Inspections per NFPA 80?
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  • Are you looking for a new project?

    Hi Everyone! Is anyone finishing up a project and ready to start their next transition?   Bechtel National is looking for a Fire Protection Engineer to join us at the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant in Richland, W...
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  • Pressure Regulating Device for Class III Standpipe

    Is it mandatory  to install Pressure regulating device for 1 1/2" portion of  class III standpipe if pressure before hose connection would be above 6.9 bar (100 psi) regarding to sections 7.2 and 7.3 of NFPA...
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  • backflows

    Is there a proper procedure to perform a forward full backflow test?
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  • Fire sprinklers

    Are sprinklers required in dumbwaiters? Is there a rule that allows these not to be sprinklered?
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  • NFPA 14,7.2 pressure limitation not means the standpipe system valves should be 350 PSI?

    Hi,Everyone. As a contractor we have a different understanding between the consultant about NFPA 14,7.2 pressure limitation.We understand that the valves & fittings  pressure level in standpipe system meet t...
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  • Practice Papers for NFPA 72 , 2016 Edition

    I had started taking online training for NFPA 72 ,  2016 edition from NFPA. I want to know , what are the various resources / books/online websites / training institutes to get practice papers for NFPA 72 , 2016 ...
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  • Parapet on the roof

    Hi Seniors !  Greetings      My question to you all is that we are under process of installation of fire protection system on our facility and as a part of those requirements we need to know...
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  • Power requirements for fire pumps

    NFPA 409 latest version states two fire pumps are required for Aircraft Hangars.  Does NFPA 20 require alternate power for each individual fire pump?  How does NFPA 20 define independent power source?  ...
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  • What are the NFPA Requirements for PVC resin storage?

    PVC falls under the category of Group A plastic or Group C Plastic depending on the amount of plastic content in it. Can anyone help in deciding if PVC under consideration falls in Group C, is it really a requirement ...
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