• Residential Sprinkler Remote Areas per NFPA 13

    We have a project that is a hotel. Typical floors have small residential hotel dwelling units that require between two and three residential sprinklers for adequate coverage per the sprinkler Listing Criteria and NFPA...
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  • What are small companies doing to provide affordable health insurance to 10 employees or less?

    We are a small fire suppression and alarm company.  What are small companies doing to provide affordable health insurance to 10 employees or less?
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  • Fire Water Requirements

    Does anyone know the requirements about fire water quality, what kind of water can be use for fire extinguishing, could someone recommend the minimum requirements in the NFPA standard for this issue?
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  • Traverse flue spaces

    Hi,   I have a question about traverse flue spaces. In NFPA 13 is " Nominal 6in traverse flue spaces between loads an at rack uprights shall be maintained in single-row, double-row and multiply-row ...
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  • Design criteria CMDA solid pile up to 3.6 m

    Hi, I need some advice regarding the categorization and the design criteria for CMDA sprinklers of solid pile Class I to IV  storage up to 3.6 m (the building is a warehouse). The issue is that in NFPA 13 2016 ed...
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  • conversion from gpm/ft² to mm/min

    Good morning, I am an engineer who deals with fire-fighting systems in Italy. Reading the NFPA 13 standard, I realized an error (I hope so) in the conversion between gpm / ft² and mm / min in Tables 18.4 (a), 18....
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  • How to handle hanger and the support for  clean gas system according to NFPA 2001

    When i design the IG541 gas extinguishing system, there is no specific requirements about how to design the hanger and support? Now, for me there are two choice below, i don't konw how to deal with this issue: 1. Usi...
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  • ESFR k 25.2 spacing

    Hi,   I have an existing ESFR system k=25.2 pendent, some sprinklers spaced less than 2.4m around 15 cm what is the best solution for this case? knowing that it is impossible to move any branch.   thanks,
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  • Tank heater or no?

    My question is in the NFPA22 Standard for water tanks for private fire protection. 2018 edition. In chapter 16 Tank Heating. "16.1.1 Tanks that are subject to freezing shall be heated." "16.1.2* The heating system ...
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  • What is a dust top?

    NFPA 13 A. refers to cloth or paper dust tops. What is a dust top
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  • Barrier dry fire stand and sprinkler piping underground

    NFPA-13 indicated the following:  Dry Pipe Underground, Where necessary to place pipe that will be under air pressure, underground, the pipe shall be protected against corrosion. Unprotected c...
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  • Fire Watch Inspection Frequency

    I am looking for information regarding fire watch frequency.  The policy we currently have in place states that a "fire watch inspection tour will be made...no less than every thirty (30) minutes throughout the a...
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  • Does a combustible attic space require sprinkler coverage?

    I need some advice on determining if an attic space is considered a "concealed space" or not and when it requires sprinkler protection. There are so many interpretations of what attics are considered.   My...
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  • Sprinklers in bulk grain storage warehouse

    I am working on a unshelled peanut storage warehouse and I can't find in the code  where it is exempt from sprinkler system in this warehouse.   In my 40 years of experience you never want to install sp...
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  • Fire Protection to Fire Water Piping in LPG Sphere Dike?

    Greetings to everyone, I have a question:   In my company we have LPG storage spheres, these have their own water spray protection system in case of nearby fire. Now the AHJ says that it is necessary to install ...
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  • Can you disable a smoke detector temporarily with a dust bag for maintenance work?

    Hot work needs to be done in a school, a four inch steel pipe needs to be cut to be specific. Is it against code to cover the nearby detector with a dust bag temporarily while the Hot Work is being performed?  My...
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  • Leak detection requirements for underground storage tanks.

    Are newly installed underground storage tanks  intended for fire water suppression storage required to go through a leak testing procedure prior to being put into service?
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  • Fire Alarm

    Is there a code section that defines what the maximum distance a fire alarm cellular communicator can be from the fire alarm panel? I am aware of the smoke detector requirement.
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  • Fire safety Standards, documents or guidelines for Tobacco Industry

    Can anyone please guide me regarding any standard, guidelines or any document that is solely for fire safety regarding tobacco processing industries.?
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  • Precedence in the Event of Conflicts Between Applicable Codes

    I have two questions: 1.  In the event that a general industry Code includes within its scope a specialty application that is addressed by another applicable Code written specifically for that application, and t...
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