• Above ground DI

    Is ductile iron pipe listed for use in above ground applications? And is it intended for that usage?  The pipe supplies both sprinkler and domestic water
  • Need to flush my line with air, how do I size my air compressor?

    I have installed SS pipes for my high pressure water mist system. I need to flush the entire line with air, to remove any dirt inside these pipes. Normally I flush the line with water before I place the water mist noz...
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  • Fire Extinguisher Placement

    I realize NFPA says basically 5' from floor to top of fire extinguisher.  OSHA, ADA, and every professional organization I have come across in my search say the handle must be no more than 5', and they provide pi...
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  • The gasket for pipe stand or sprinkler fire protection water system

    The gaskets for standpipe or sprinkler fire protection water system have to be certificated as UL/FM. The NFPA indicates something about the minimum requirements for this elements?
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  • Spare sprinker heads

    Is there a regulatory requirement to have a spare sprinkler head on hand for each type for any type of building/business?  I am specifically interested in manufacturing locations.  It makes sense but is it a...
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  • Does Sprinkler System required in OT's?

    NFPA recommends sprinklers in all the areas including Operation Theaters.   Our experience is that sprinklers should not be provided in OTs as few accidents have happened where sprinklers were energized / leak...
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  • Foam test NFPA 418 Rooftop landing pad Hospital

    New rooftop helipad located on a clinic type B that is new.  The clinic has an elevator shaft that is used for hospital ER type I occupancy.  The vendor performing the test for fixed foam system wants to use...
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  • Divisional or Gate Valve Testing Requirements?

    I am having a very difficult time trying to locate the information needed for NFPA requirements for testing divisional valves or gate valves. Does anyone have a reference? Something that I could look up or find the in...
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  • Sismic Expansion Join

    Dear Friends,   Someone has information on how to cross a seismic expansion joint in a seismically isolated building. The problem is that the dilatation measure is 20 inches, and we need to cross it with 6" pip...
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  • Gasoline dispenser emergency stop

    I'm not sure I'm posting in the correct forum.  Anyway:   NEC and fire code require that E-stop for gasoline dispensers be more than 20-feet, but less than 100-feet away.   I have a gas station going...
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  • Foam Hydrant issue???

    I am working with a facility that utilizes low-expansion foam systems, with foam in bladder tanks. They have a hydrant on the property that flows water and foam when opened.  What would be the cause of this?...
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  • NFPA 24 Who qualifies as the "Owner's Representative"

    2010 NFPA 24 form has a place for the "property owner" to sign under the "test witness" section.  At the top of the first page it the form indicates that there is a "owner's representative".  Specific to my ...
  • What is the need of a pressure vessel with a jockey pump?

    Can someone please explain, why do we need a pressure vessel along with a jockey pump?
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  • Fire monitors

    Where can I find installation requirements for water cannon fire monitors?
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  • Calculating Sprinklers Covering Same Floor Area

    Hi,   If I have a floor area completely covered by sprinklers, and I have an opening for a couple of dormers. Sprinklers were added in the dormers. My question is; if the dormer sprinklers cover the same floor a...
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  • diesel engine

    Electrical motors are subject of motor solo run during Precommissioning stage, normaly 4 hours it depends of client. it is any test related to diésel engines belong to fire pumps previuos final aligment?
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  • Minimum Floor Area for Commodity

    Dear NFPA Experts, Is there any standards for floor area of Commodity (Tire Storage) if required sprinkler protection or not. Thanks in advance.
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  • fire pump suction side 10 pipe diameter.

    we have a client that cannot meet the 10 pipe diameter horizontally on suction side of their fire pump, reason to failed fire pump performance test. We're planning to rerouting the pipe going to upward and then downwa...
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  • Fire pump ultrasonic flowmeter

    Hi Members,   Looking to get an ultrasonic flometer in order to perform annual flow test on fire pumps.   Any recommendations?   Regards,
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  • fire pump performance test

    Is it okay to throttle before flow meter when doing fire pump performance test?   -thanks for any feedback
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