• 13D stairwell requiremnts

    I am building a home and am wondering what the requirements are under 13D to provide sprinklers in the stairwell.   I can not find anything specific in 13D that addresses this.  The stairwell will have an o...
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  • Fire Hydrants Design & Installation Standard

    I am working as Maintenance Engineer at a Pharmaceutical Plant. We are manufacturing tablets, injections, ointments and capsules. I want to design the fire hydrants system for the facility. Please guide me that which ...
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  • Guidance on Product Defect/Recall

    Is there guidance from NFPA on how suppliers of suppression systems are required to notify customers, users, installers, inspectors, etc on known potentially defective products or installation issues?
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  • NFPA 13 question: Sprinklers in the concealed space under combustible stairs

    A two-story combustible building with combustible stairs that is currently under construction will be enclosing the area underneath its stairways.  Section 8.15 of NFPA 13 has contradictory stateme...
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  • Question About Noifier Training Facility in Northford Connecticut

    Hello, I have a company colleague who will be doing some Notifier training in Northford, Connecticut, but she is unfamiliar with the area. For those who have been there, what is the best airport and rental service to ...
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  • Do I need any deluge valve control panel for deluge valve-FIRE WATER SYSTEM?

    Do I need any deluge valve control panel for deluge valve or i can configure it in my FIRE PUMP CONTROL PANEL or in my FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL. If i don't have any FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL then what should i do?...
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  • Removal of redundant Sprinklers

    I am aware that any device (sprinkler, valves, alarm switch) that is a part of a system that is no longer in service, needs to be removed. This is to not give the occupants the impression that they are protected, when...
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  • Standpipe inspections

    How often should a Standpipe Hose cabinet be inspected/tested?
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  • fire command station in basement - a level below from ground floor

    We have proposed fire command station in basement, a lower level from ground floor of a mixed occupancy - a mall. Suitable exits are available in case of emergency. Are there any rules or guidelines to have the same ...
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  • Location of kindergarten in basement - a floor down from ground floor

    In a mall of mixed occupancy, we have proposed to have a kindergarten not in ground floor, but in basement a floor level below of ground floor. Is there any some sort of rule / guidelines from NFPA to locate a kinderg...
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  • dry pipe system in basements - how is it suitable

    Dry riser system to be given in basements of a mixed occupancy of a mall. The mall is having 10 basement parking level. As per NFPA; how it could be considered to design. Dry riser / pre - action system to be followed...
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  • NFPA 96

    NFPA 96:10.6-10.6.2 , specifically 10.6.1 states, Upon activation of an automatic fire extinguishing system, an audible alarm or visual indicator SHALL be provided to show the system has activated. This makes NO refer...
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  • Flow Meter Setup Review

    Dear Sirs, I encountered this existing setup: The distance of the OS&Y gate valve after the fire pump test meter is at 2 x pipe diameter of test line. The OS&Y gate valve before the fire pump test meter is ...
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  • You can help NFPA track which local jurisdictions require home fire sprinklers

    We are seeing some outstanding successes this year in regards to local jurisdictions passing requirements for fire sprinklers. For instance, Las Vegas now has its own requirement for new homes, as have cities in ...
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  • Fire Protection system for Diesel Storage Tank

    What will be the fire protection requirement for diesel storage tank of 10,000 liters? what will be fire protection type & at what distance it should be installed with a ref of pertinent NFPA code? 1. Which Fire...
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  • Generator for fire Pump

    1st time user, New construction, 300 apt. residence, ordinary, sprinklers, 6 storys, not a high rise. This building has a generator. The Utility qualifies as a reliable source. Is the Fire Pump required to be conne...
  • NFPA requirement for sensitivity and wireless transmitter testing?

    Good afternoon All, is anyone aware of a "NFPA requirement for sensitivity and wireless transmitter testing"? and any associated form that would go along with it that could be presented to the AHJ?  
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  • Dry System Delivery Times

    We have designed three dry systems for an nursing home in Tenn..  The building is divided into (3) riser systems. Each Riser covers Attic Area and Living Area in it section. Upon plan review, the S...
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  • sprinkler under art work

    Are sprinkler heads required under fabric art – art hung 3’-0” from ceiling circles approximately 5’-0” wide.  
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    I have a 6 storied garments building with 4 stairs. so i need 4 nos landing valves and 4 nos hose boxes for each floor. so how much GPM pump should i use. and what is the method. and what is the reference?  ...
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