Are there hydraulic calculations on the CFPS Exam?
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  • when we need to protect diesel tanks and generators 

    Hope all in  good health ,may anyone  help me please ?  i'm a safety engineer for a temporary power station there are a 20 of generators and 5 of big diesel tanks  with capacity 56000 liter per tan...
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  • Water tank & pump for 13D system

    My water company is requiring me to run a separate water line from the street for a home sprinkler system. I can't use my existing home water line. They say the connection charge is $2,000, plus I have to pay for a se...
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  • What is the life of fire extinguisher as per NFPA.

    What is the life of fire extinguisher as per NFPA
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  • Deluge piping painting

    We have a new building addition to our PSM area and therefore we have added to the deluge system. Piping inside is being painted red however we do have a pipe run that is outside of the building... does this also need...
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  • Breeching Valves – Should They be Used in Sprinkler Systems?

    What on earth is a breeching valve? A breeching valve, also known as a safety shutoff valve or excess flow valve, monitors pressure and flow in a system. Upon seeing excessive flow, the valve will automatically clos...
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  • Portable Fire Pump Testing

    Hi, Does anyone know the relevant regulations for portable fire pump testing? Fixed Diesel and electric pumps are covered in Chapter 8 of NFPA25 but I can't seem to find anything on portable pumps Cheers.
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  • Sprinkler Types

     I have in my hospital intermediate sprinkler head yellow bulb is this accepted by NFPA 13, OR we have to change the sprinkler head to Ordinary type red bulb 
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  • I am taking online training for NICET from one of the institute,but there is a lot of theory & they mention review Chapter 3 or Chapter 1.Do I need 2 learn everything that is mentioned In chapter3 .I want 2 know whats the best way 2 understand NFPA 70,72.

    Understanding NFPA 70 & 72
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  • When studying about the Topics that are in NFPA 70 like Conduit fill or Grounding Requirements.Do i need to know all the contents that NFPA 70 covers for the grounding or conduit Fill. OR I just need to know where they are present in NFPA Book

    Understanding NFPA 70 
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  • Fire Pump

    Dear NFPA   Does NPFA 20 strictly specify that a Fire Pump should be ULFM Listed? Our country’s fire code looks at NFPA Standards as a basis for designing fire protection systems.  I want to know al...
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    Hi,        I would like to know one thing related to the Fire Alarm system Status Monitoring Device (MOST PROBABLY A DACT). We have one third party agency to monitor the Fire Alarm system, install ...
  • Ventilation requirement at fire pump room

    According to ventilation of a typical engine room it is suggested that temperature of the room should not exceed 49°C. Could anyone help me regarding NFPA suggestion about firepump room ventilation. Typically in ...
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  • School fire protection costs

    I am looking for the average costs (percentage) of fire protections systems in new school construction.  I would like a link to this information for "footnote" documentation.
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  • Rules regarding backup, spare, or replacement Portable Fire Extinguishers

    My company uses well over 500 extinguishers in the building I work at, and about 25 of those are spares not in use. I cannot seem to find anything in the NFPA 10 that provides for the storage of fire extinguishers whi...
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  • Protection of Miscellaneous and Low-Piled Storage

    I need review the correct protection for storage Class III commodity up to 12 ft in  height in accordance NFPA 13 2019 edition, last edition 2016 was in it's chapter 13 "Protection on Miscellaneous and Low-Piled ...
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  • Fire Pump in water heater room of non high rise building

    Can we accommodate fire pump in the water heater rooms for non-high-rise building? GWHs are of 199 MBH, water heater room is fully sprinkled and have 1 hr rating.
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  • Sprinkler types

     I have in my hospital intermediate sprinkler head yellow bulb is this accepted by NFPA 13, OR we have to change the sprinkler head to Ordinary type red bulb 
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  • 13D Certification

    I submitted this question online to the NFPA but there has been no response. I am thinking about self-installing (myself with friends) a 13D system in a single home I am building in PA. The township tells me they requ...
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  • Indoor Fire Pump Units Physical Separation.

    Section Indoor fire pumps in high-rise buildings shall be physically separated or protected by 2-hour fire rated construction.  The design for a high-rise building has two (2) fire pumps to provide re...
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