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Industrial Hazards

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We are being told that they cannot be used due to static build up  We are also being told they are fine if bonded? Multiple grounds per length of pipe. Who is right?  We are running and okay in one of our plants in Canada, and shut down in our second plant. The second plant says  remove the spiral pipe there is no mitigation, we also have to… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
Are GFCI receptacles required within a certain distance of water heaters in a commercial building mechanical room?   Thanks in advance for any guidance.
in Industrial Hazards
How many feet does an enclosed and latching lab oven need to be from a flammable storage cabinet in a laboratory space? NFPA 45? 
in Industrial Hazards
5.4.1 – (5) A compressed gas cylinder larger than lecture bottle size is located so that it could prevent safe egress in the event of accidental release of cylinder contents. 5.4.1 – (6) A cryogenic container is located so that it could prevent safe egress in the event of accidental release of container contents. Some of our laboratories only have… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
I am inquiring if there is any standard development regarding detection of ammonia ( ice rinks) chlorine ( swimming pools) and carbon monoxide (not in residential). Normally pools and arenas have a substantial occupant load and detection and notification seems to be only localized to the service room or plant space. Regulating and including… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
Under the NFPA flammable liquid standard, it is necessary for the person to be grounded as well when transferring flammable liquids from one vessel into another? Is there any circumstance where the codes call for the person to be grounded? Or, that the person should be standing on a metallic or conductive floor with conductive boots? 
in Industrial Hazards
I was wondering what the intent of a listed manifold for PSVs is in NFPA 58, section On our LPG bullets we have two independent lines communicating with the vapor space instead of a single manifold. Each line has a CSO valve and a PSV that can handle full relief capacity. Would we still be exempt from the restriction on inlet valves per… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
Our shop uses wood and wood fillers.  We want to control the dust output from the different sanders we use.  We are looking for portable sanding vacuums that are compliant (OSHA,NFPA). 
in Industrial Hazards
Looking for information regarding combustible dusts that are produced from 3D printing.  These can include RAD materials, as well as combustible metals that are used.
in Industrial Hazards
What are the requirements for suppression in an abrasive blast booth?
in Industrial Hazards
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