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Industrial Hazards

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Dear nfpa staff i have big storage tank with fixed roof for edible vegetable cooking oil , above ground tanks.20 numbers with the same diked area. as the oil is defined a liquid class 3B. does require a fire fighting system and if yes which system regards ghassan traboulsi@
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I am wondering about the applicability of NFPA 30A. Is the standard intended to apply only to automotive repair facilities (e.g., dealerships, lube shop/Firestone, etc.)  or does it include heavy machinery (e.g., construction equipment, bull dozers, back hoes, tracked vehicles) repair facilities?  There is no clear definition of what is meant by… (Show more)
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NFPA 496 Question Using a purged enclosure with general purpose equipment in a CL1 Div 2 area . If the equipment brings a combustible liquid into the purged enclosure can you use air for the purge? Would an inert purge be required because the liquid sample would be considered an Uncontrolled release under abnormal conditions?   Thanks for the… (Show more)
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NFPA 85 : #PURGE CREDIT FOR COMBUSTION TURBINE & HRSG      We have SGT 700 gas turbine followed by HRSG. HRSG is capable to run 100% firing mode also.   As per customer requirement while gas turbine trips, the HRSG (which is normally in un-fired mode) need to change over in fired mode of operation with duct burner within a short span of time.… (Show more)
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Good evening, I wanted to know if someone can support me because a client was installed a 60,000,000 BTU / hr burner. with a valve train that comes from Europe and has a filter but it does not have a solids trap or regulator and they are supplying 4 kilograms per square centimeter are 56.89 PSI of pressure and I am very pressured in the valve… (Show more)
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Hi, I am looking for any guidance on separation distances between hazardous chemicals (both compressed gases and liquid oxidizers) and high voltage power lines. I have searched through the NFPA codes with little success. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? Thanks in advance for any help!
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We test products so sometimes we have a number of flammable aerosols. How many can be stored on the lab bench ?
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Does liquid-tight flexible metal conduit that is rated for direct burial fall under column 3 of Table 300.5?  This is in reference to minimum coverage of direct burial raceways.
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We are being told that they cannot be used due to static build up  We are also being told they are fine if bonded? Multiple grounds per length of pipe. Who is right?  We are running and okay in one of our plants in Canada, and shut down in our second plant. The second plant says  remove the spiral pipe there is no mitigation, we also have to… (Show more)
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