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Industrial Hazards

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I am involved in the construction of a large plant. The plant utilizes and distributes numerous flammable liquids and/or gasses (the primary ones being ethanol and formic acid). In certain areas this distribution and piping is contained above an accessible ceiling. Additionally there are valves and fittings in the interstitial spaces. We are using… (Show more)
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 Soap Based Combustible Dust? Does anyone have experience with Stearate containing soap dust, test results show combustible but it seems to have large amount and very high ignition source temp.
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Dear All, I am a fire protection and risk management engineer working at group level with fire safety issues for a world leading chemical products manufacturer. I would like to ask the this forum’s members objective opinion about the potential risks related to the use of flexible plastic inner liners for metal 200 l (53 US gal) drums. The liquids… (Show more)
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In this community, I am sure there is an expert in our mist who can answer a question about an aging AFFF fire suppression system.    My question:  Is there a life cycle on a AFFF fire suppression system?     At this point, I am not sure the age of the system but the system has had regular ITM.  I appreciate any help or direction of where I can… (Show more)
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how do I determine PPE catagory requirements if worker is in panel, one side of panel has  240v (or less,) and on other side of same panel is live 480, however no work is to be done to the 480v side, only on the 240v or less side? is it required CAT 2 because of breaking the plane with 480 although there is no work to be done with 480v( sometimes… (Show more)
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NFPA code Chapter 400 relative to proximity of equipment, valves, etc, of dissimilar chemicals. Particularly Sulfuric acid 93% and Sodium Hydroxide 50%.
in Industrial Hazards
we need technical advise  for HSE about using mobile phone inside hazard area of plant,some person from HSE departement using mobile phone to take a photo for any leakage of Hexane gas, and take picture of equipment  during factory operate(not in shut down)
in Industrial Hazards
Hi, my name is Grzegorz Boguszewski and I am a sprinkler designer. I have a problem with one rule in NFPA20 version 2016 - Pump Station: the number of point is: with folowing content: "The total air supply path to the pump room shall not restrict the flow of the air more than 0.2 in. water column (5.1 mm water column)." In handbook… (Show more)
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As student FSE I am writing a thesis about fire safety in cold storages. I am surprised that refrigerated and cold storages are excluded from the statistics available on the NFPA website. Is there a particular reason for that and where can I find statistics about fire causes in cold storages? 
in Industrial Hazards
Would anyone happen to know where someone could get an Arc Flash PPE poster to wall mount in an electrical building/room?  That basically has all of the 70E charts/tables on it.
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