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Industrial Hazards

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Hello,  Is there an exception to the 6.5ft overhead clearance?  Specifically I have a 24" x 24" junction box that only has 24VDC in it and would like to mount it onto a machine that will house an IO rack. (Note: this question is specifically associated with machine building and that will eventually be installed into a manufacturing facility.) The… (Show more)
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Looking for information regarding combustible dusts that are produced from 3D printing.  These can include RAD materials, as well as combustible metals that are used.
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I need to know the safe distance between 300 Kva diesel engine exhaust silencer pointing towards a diesel tank of (capacity 35000 liters).   We have a huge Diesel tank with its retaining boundary wall around the tank and outside of this one diesel engine is installed which exhaust smoke/silencer is towards this diesel tank.My question is" Is it… (Show more)
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Is there a standard national equation used to calculate foam flow that can be adjusted for all types of foam?  
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This is with regards to a milk factory for which we are designing a fire fighting system. There are various packaging machines/conveyor belts in the factory which are of Stainless Steel make. Conveyors are made of stainless steel frames with plastic wear strips and plastic chains (low friction acetal). We have provided Fire protection system at… (Show more)
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In NFPA 13 - 2016 it's clearly stated at that ESFR sprinklers shall be installed only in buildings where roof or ceiling slope above the sprinklers does not exceed a pitch of 2 in 12 (a rise of 2 units in a run of 12 units, a roof slope of 16.7 percent). ( 9.5 Degrees ) .   What if the slope is a little bit steeper than 9.5 Degrees , at… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
I am installing exhaust fans in an industrial plant that is C-I D-I. the  fans will replace passive ridge vents. Each fan will move +30K cfm. In the center of the opening below each fan is a sprinkler head. I have been instructed by the client that they don't want me to provide for FAS shutdown, Its my opinion that the FAS should have shutdown… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
Our current project is implementing a cableless control, and clarification is needed on two points in NFPA 79, 9.2.7.   What is needed to fulfill the memory verification requirement of When are predetermined zones required per     Thanks, Mike
in Industrial Hazards
Dry riser system to be given in basements of a mixed occupancy of a mall. The mall is having 10 basement parking level. As per NFPA; how it could be considered to design. Dry riser / pre - action system to be followed for basements if the no. of basement level is ten. benevartsnfpaldangeloryan.quinnjohn.reynolds
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I am looking for information on the applicable standard to reference when setting up a burn chamber for UL94 Flammability testing.  
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