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Industrial Hazards

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I have been in the fire service for 14 years and a Fire Instructor for the past 5. I was surprised to learn that there is no NFPA recommendation for INstructor gear. For those who have taught fire, you will know that teaching involves several fires in a day with a lot of time in the fire room before the students even enter. Traditional firefighter… (Show more)
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In NFPA 499 section 6.10 figures for recommended explosive dust classification state in the description that the figures are for indoor area.  Is this implying that for explosive dust classification outdoor locations are considered to have adequate ventilation and are unclassified under 499?  
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Is hot air welding thermoplastic roofing material considered hot work under NFPA 51b?  
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I work as an Industrial Hygienist and I am doing work with a major Grain Handler.  One of the key risks is combustible dust and the question I have found difficult to answer is whether or not it is safe to use non intrinsically safe items such as 2 way radios, cell phones, ipads, laptop computers in the grain silos.  The level of dust has… (Show more)
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Good afternoon,    I've read through NFPA 30 looking for guidance on loading of liquid bulk containers inside of buildings.  NFPA 30 chapter 28.4.1 states that loading facilities for Class I liquids (or Class II or III above flash point) need to be separated from above-ground tanks, warehouses, and other plant buildings by 25 feet . . . but… (Show more)
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Good day,   We are looking into protecting a building from a transformer (power generation facility) that is located within 6 meters from the building. The equipment surrounding the transformer is preventing us from installing a firewall that would protect the building from a transformer fire and a sprinkler system that would mitigate this risk.… (Show more)
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We are looking for a Propane Leak Detection System to have installed in to our 18,000 SqFt warehouse. We have 40+ Fork Lifts that we store inside at night. We've only been able to locate stand alone plug-in units. Thanks in advance.
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Hello, does anyone know if any training is required for technicians to work on gas pressure regulators that are attached to a propane line for residential use?  I have a pretty big generator at my home in PA (38 kW) that uses propane to fuel it.  The generator has a Maxitrol regulator attached to the fuel source line which is outside right next to… (Show more)
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What are the requirements for suppression in an abrasive blast booth?
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Hello, customer is looking for inert gas based fire suppression system for protecting reservoirs full of petroleum. What kind of inert gas system in accordance with NFPA 2001 would you recommend pls? IG-01, IG-100, IG-55 or IG-541...? Hazard is kerosene, liquified flammable fuels. Thank you.
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