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Industrial Hazards

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I'd like to know where I can find the 2020 updates of the NFPA 51B Standard for fire prevention during welding, cutting, and other hot work. Thanks. 
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In table 307.1 (1) under flammable liquids storage, if both note "d" and "e" apply, does this mean that you can double the initial amount (120 gallons) to 240 gallons, and then double that amount (240 gallons) to 480 gallons of storage, as it is calculated "accumulatively"?   Or is the MAQ only 360 gallons of storage?    Any help would be… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
Hello Xchange   I have a question regarding NFPA 407. If a loading and unloading rack for an exiting fuel farm is located outside the perimeter fence ( the tank still inside the plant). It is required to have a perimeter fence? NFPA 407 states in Chapter 5, 5.2.1 Access to fuel storage and fuel vehicle loading areas shall be secured. Annex A… (Show more)
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Hello,  I am looking for information on how to take exception to NFPA 86 explosion relief requirements for Class A & B Natural Gas fired Ovens. My situation: I have an oven that cannot physically meet the 15 to 1 ratio relief area requirement because of external structure and internal components? Is there a form or process to use to take exception… (Show more)
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Hi I have been working in 1 project about conveying system for Sulphur in Sulphonation plant. I have been checking for some information about assessment due to combustible dust / flameable gas due to this work. I am looking from NFPA 655 what things need to be checked to prevent & protect for fire&explosion in handling Sulphur.   So basically… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
Hello all, What course of action should you take if all 3(three) "Special Hazards" are present in your building? I realize that if a substance is both an oxidizer and reactant to water you put -W-(lets pretend the line continues through the W) in the quadrant and OX below or next to the quadrant for an oxidizer, but in the lab we also have… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
The SFPE Handbook and various vendors advise that subsurface injection of foam is not recommended for internal, floating roof tanks.  Are there any studies or incidents that support this position? Thanks
in Industrial Hazards
Hi,  I'm in a situation with a process that requires addition of powder to a 250L tank that contains ethanol. About 5 kg of powder is added, in 1kg batches. The issue I have is that the powders are weighed and dispensed in a non-conductive plastic bag, and from reading NFPA 30 and NFPA 77, this is prohibited due to the static buildup risk. NFPA 77… (Show more)
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Why there is nothing mentioned about the gas detector in return duct. While HVAC in re-circulation mode. if there is a build up or increase in hazard gas concentration inside the building due to infiltration or high contamination surrounding the building in the event of door or window opening.
in Industrial Hazards
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