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Industrial Hazards

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NFPA 59-2019 edition page 31, section second para (2)  has changed the value of Rp=3, which was 6 in the previous edition. This doubles the seismic force. Is there any reson for this change. As per ASCE-7, this value for piping is 12. We usually used 6. Also in the first para(1), what is the meaning of "For the OBE design, response… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
NFPA496: This is a purge and pressurize standard that I have only ever seen applied to electrical cabinets located in Class 1 Div 2/Zone2 areas; and MCC or control rooms located within a Class 1 Div2/Zone 2 building.Has anyone ever applied this code to a large clear span (no separate rooms, just one large open space) natural gas compressor… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
NFPA 496 Question Using a purged enclosure with general purpose equipment in a CL1 Div 2 area . If the equipment brings a combustible liquid into the purged enclosure can you use air for the purge? Would an inert purge be required because the liquid sample would be considered an Uncontrolled release under abnormal conditions?   Thanks for the… (Show more)
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Does any NFPA code provide safe distance guidelines between power transmission lines (high voltage) and storage of flammable petroleum products. (such as that on a gas station or petroleum depot) 
in Industrial Hazards
Title : Questions concerning the judgment method and the safety action criteria for gas leakage from the LNG storage tank   In order to complete the safety management standards of LNG storage facilities in Korea, we are investigating the safety management standards of the U.S. I ask you politely to answer the question, even if it may be… (Show more)
in Industrial Hazards
Is there a code reference that prevents the storage of cardboard, paper, etc. within flammable cabinets?   I can only find the code that prevents storage of incompatible materials. Is there something more appropriate?
in Industrial Hazards
We have some 55 gal drums of flammable waste on site.  We keep them grounded with clamps to prevent static discharge.  Should we connect them through a resistor to slow the discharge and prevent sparking when un-grounded personnel touch the grounded containers?
in Industrial Hazards
Hi,  In the NFPA 497 we speak about "division" and "zone". But, the area around figures still the same even if we speak about zones or divisions. Someone can tell what is the differences between this two terms ?     Thank you in advance,   Damien DUFOUR  Health and safety adjoint 
in Industrial Hazards
Is there a space or building size requirement for hazardous waste that is stored onsite?  If so, where can I find more information on this topic?
in Industrial Hazards
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