2016 Editions of NFPA 2 and NFPA 55

Blog Post created by sbershad Employee on Jun 19, 2015

The 2016 editions of NFPA 2, Hydrogen Technologies Code and NFPA 55, Compressed Gases and Cyrogenic Fluids Code, will be issued this month.  NFPA 2 relies heavily on NFPA 55 for material on the safe storage and use of bulk and non-bulk quantities of hydrogen.  This cycle is the first time that the two committees worked closely together to develop content, holding a joint second draft meeting last summer to review public comments on the material that is common to both documents.   Major changes were made to NFPA 2 on fueling and repair garages for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.  NFPA 2 also added new material on hydrogen equipment enclosures, which are finding new uses throughout industry.  NFPA 55 has revised the chapter on Carbon Dioxide, with a focus on beverage dispensing systems, and added new material on Liquid Nitrous Oxide systems.  The committees have developed a new partnership, and are looking forward to working together during the next revision cycle.