NFPA Annual Technical Meeting - Members to hear two motions on NFPA 652

Blog Post created by gcolonna Employee on Jun 21, 2015

At the NFPA Annual Technical Meeting (Tech Session), Thursday, June 25th beginning at 8:00 am in the S100 Ballroom, NFPA members will hear the discussion of two Certified Amending Motions (CAM) submitted for NFPA 652.  NFPA 652 is the proposed new standard on Fundamentals of Combustible Dust and originally received 6 proposed motions; however, the proponent for four of the motions withdrew theirs so only two remain - 652-5 and 652-6.


  • 652-5 Proposes to delete Chapter 7 on Dust Hazard Analysis
  • 652-6 Proposes to return the entire document to committee


If you are interested in the NFPA combustible dust standards, I hope you will consider attending the Tech Session to follow the final stages in the development of this proposed new standard.  For more detailed information regarding the report of the Motions Committee and the specific CAM for NFPA 652 please click on the link that follows. http://www.nfpa.org/codes-and-standards/document-information-pages?mode=code&code=652&tab=nextedition