NFPA 495 - When are you required to have Sprinklers for Smokeless Propellants?

Blog Post created by ericnette Employee on Jun 25, 2015

A frequent question I get is whether NFPA 495, Explosive Materials Code, requires the installation of sprinklers for a commercial stock of smokeless propellant at a location. The trigger for requiring sprinklers in this situation can be found in 14.3.9(5)(h), when you are storing above 800 lb but below 5,000 lb inside a building. At this point you are then required to have a sprinkler system that is installed according to NFPA 13, Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems. This requirement can be ignored if stored according to 14.3.8(6) which requires a Type 4 magazine constructed and located in accordance with Chapter 9, Aboveground Storage of Explosive Materials.


-Eric Nette, P.E.