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Did you miss the presentation on NFPA 600 and Fire Brigades at NFPA's conference in June this year?  It was a lively event with lots of discussion.

If so, no worries!  You can view the attached presentation and listen to the attached audio.   Enjoy!

NFPA BargeVisit 001.jpgJust in time for the 4th of July, NFPA's Code for Fireworks Display is open for public input.   Anyone interested in suggesting a change to the code can submit a public input at   The Code covers the construction, handling and use of fireworks at outdoor professional displays.   Requirements such as spectator separation distances, proper installation of mortars, safe ignition of pyrotechnics and operator qualification provide a level of safety to both the pyrotechnic operators and the public .  The code even covers the setup of displays on floating platforms.    A few years ago I was lucky enough to observe the setup of a fireworks display on a barge in Boston!   The experience gave me a whole new appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes for some of these spectacular fireworks displays!