• Sulphur conveying system

    Hi I have been working in 1 project about conveying system for Sulphur in Sulphonation plant. I have been checking for some information about assessment due to combustible dust / flameable gas due to this work. I ...
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  • How to size the Explosion Reliving Device for Starch Siloes

    Hi, I would like to know the requirements and equations I need to use based on NFPA codes, to : 1) Size the Explosion relieving Devise , i.e., Explosion Panel or Explosion Hatch for Starch Siloes used in Pulp& Pap...
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  • How can calculate Header Pipe Dimension?

    Hi I have a question about collectors piping at spray system fire fighting.  actually, we have a collector at piping with many outlet of it and I want to understand about calculation of them please follow un...
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  • Bakery industrial occupancy

    Hi everyone, I'm wolontary firefigter from Croatia, and was wandering can industrial building with two flors and conveneance openings betwean them be as one compartment , and with conveneance storage of 1500m2, can al...
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  • in wood dust collection can we use spiral pipe?

    We are being told that they cannot be used due to static build up  We are also being told they are fine if bonded? Multiple grounds per length of pipe. Who is right?  We are running and okay in one of our...
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  • Control of Wood Dust From Orbital Hand Sanders

    Our shop uses wood and wood fillers.  We want to control the dust output from the different sanders we use.  We are looking for portable sanding vacuums that are compliant (OSHA,NFPA). 
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  • 3D printing combustible dusts

    Looking for information regarding combustible dusts that are produced from 3D printing.  These can include RAD materials, as well as combustible metals that are used.
  • Combustible dust in grain handling and the use of hand held battery operated equipment

    I work as an Industrial Hygienist and I am doing work with a major Grain Handler.  One of the key risks is combustible dust and the question I have found difficult to answer is whether or not it is safe to use no...
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  • NFPA 499 & Outdoor Equipment Classifiction

    In NFPA 499 section 6.10 figures for recommended explosive dust classification state in the description that the figures are for indoor area.  Is this implying that for explosive dust classification outdoor locat...
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  • Safe distance between Engine exhaust and Fuel tank. A 300 Kva diesel engine exhaust silencer pointing towards a diesel tank of (capacity 35000 liters).

    I need to know the safe distance between 300 Kva diesel engine exhaust silencer pointing towards a diesel tank of (capacity 35000 liters).   We have a huge Diesel tank with its retaining boundary wall around the...
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  • dry pipe system in basements - how is it suitable

    Dry riser system to be given in basements of a mixed occupancy of a mall. The mall is having 10 basement parking level. As per NFPA; how it could be considered to design. Dry riser / pre - action system to be followed...
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  • NFPA 484 Storage of Light Casting Size

    npfa 484 states " piles of stored light magnesium castings, either in cartons or crates or without packing, shall be limited in size to 28m^3.   My question is this.  Our product has a volume o...
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  • NFPA 505, OSHA 1910.178

    In OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.178, Powered Industrial Trucks, Table N-1 References the NFPA at the bottom of the table, with Reference #'s for NFPA 505, that I have not been able to find.  Can someone help redirec...
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    We have a customer using Silane which is highly flammable.   Do you have any information on this Class I, Group ____(?) designation?   Silane seems to have multiple chemical names, all of which are not i...
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  • Soap Based Combustible Dust

     Soap Based Combustible Dust? Does anyone have experience with Stearate containing soap dust, test results show combustible but it seems to have large amount and very high ignition source temp.
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  • Sprinklers Omission

    NFPA 13 and omission of sprinkler system: We are in the process of building a pyrolysis plant where pyrolysis gas and carbon black are by product.  The fire from both cannot be extinguished by water, and in addi...
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  • Dust explosion

    I am a student of the master's degree in urban fire safety at the University of Coimbra (Portugal), who is currently doing the dissertation on "Determination of the explosivity characteristics of hollow polymer micros...
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  • Anti Static Clothing

    My question is related to anti-static clothing.  Should operators that handle flammable liquids or combustible dust always where anti-static clothing?  Thanks
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  • Sugar dust collector exhaust air isolation?

    Does a sugar dust collector with chemical suppression require exhaust air isolation if returned back to the workspace? The unit has suppression on the hopper and inlet. The unit has 16oz singed polyester filter b...
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  • Looking for engineering firms with experience using FEA to analyze equipment for explosion resistance.

    In parallel with my other question about a design approach when Kst and dP/dt max are not known (thread 33670),  https://community.nfpa.org/thread/33670 we are looking for engineering firms with experience i...
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