• Sulphur conveying system

    Hi I have been working in 1 project about conveying system for Sulphur in Sulphonation plant. I have been checking for some information about assessment due to combustible dust / flameable gas due to this work. I ...
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  • How can calculate Header Pipe Dimension?

    Hi I have a question about collectors piping at spray system fire fighting.  actually, we have a collector at piping with many outlet of it and I want to understand about calculation of them please follow un...
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  • Standard Development for Ammonia, Chlorine and Carbon Monoxide Detection and Notification

    I am inquiring if there is any standard development regarding detection of ammonia ( ice rinks) chlorine ( swimming pools) and carbon monoxide (not in residential). Normally pools and arenas have a substantial occupan...
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  • Control of Wood Dust From Orbital Hand Sanders

    Our shop uses wood and wood fillers.  We want to control the dust output from the different sanders we use.  We are looking for portable sanding vacuums that are compliant (OSHA,NFPA). 
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  • Will NFPA ever develop a code for Fire Instructor PPE specs?

    I have been in the fire service for 14 years and a Fire Instructor for the past 5. I was surprised to learn that there is no NFPA recommendation for INstructor gear. For those who have taught fire, you will know that ...
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  • 2112:2012 validity

    Hi Everyone,   Just wanna know if the 2112:2012 edition is still valid now that the 2018 edition has been published.   Thanks in advance!
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  • Electrical PPE Catagory requirements

    how do I determine PPE catagory requirements if worker is in panel, one side of panel has  240v (or less,) and on other side of same panel is live 480, however no work is to be done to the 480v side, only on the ...
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  • we have solvent extraction plant using Hexane to extract oil from soyabean seeds

    we need technical advise  for HSE about using mobile phone inside hazard area of plant,some person from HSE departement using mobile phone to take a photo for any leakage of Hexane gas, and take picture of equipm...
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  • I need to Buy handbook for design&installation fire protection system

    I need to use handbook for design&installation fire protection system in Building , Factory , Hospital , School on my job. (Mechanical system) Please tell me about Important handbook. I need to Buy.   1. NF...
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  • Dust explosion

    I am a student of the master's degree in urban fire safety at the University of Coimbra (Portugal), who is currently doing the dissertation on "Determination of the explosivity characteristics of hollow polymer micros...
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  • PPE Required for a liquid Hydrogen Pad

    Hi - I have searched the NFPA 55, NFPA 2, and OSHA 1910.103 and can not find required PPE for working on or inspecting Hydrogen equipment.  Can someone point me in the right direction.  Thank you in advance.
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