• Sulphur conveying system

    Hi I have been working in 1 project about conveying system for Sulphur in Sulphonation plant. I have been checking for some information about assessment due to combustible dust / flameable gas due to this work. I ...
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  • NFPA59-2019 Response modification Factor

    NFPA 59-2019 edition page 31, section second para (2)  has changed the value of Rp=3, which was 6 in the previous edition. This doubles the seismic force. Is there any reson for this change. As per ASCE-...
  • Bakery industrial occupancy

    Hi everyone, I'm wolontary firefigter from Croatia, and was wandering can industrial building with two flors and conveneance openings betwean them be as one compartment , and with conveneance storage of 1500m2, can al...
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  • Ethanol in drums storage room

    Hi all, need your help on HAC. For ethanol in drums (about 500kg each) in storage room (about 10 drums) with no activity to open the drum, should be classified as hazardous area or non-hazardous area? Those drums...
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  • Sprinklers Omission

    NFPA 13 and omission of sprinkler system: We are in the process of building a pyrolysis plant where pyrolysis gas and carbon black are by product.  The fire from both cannot be extinguished by water, and in addi...
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  • Laboratory Chemicals, in-use vs storage

    Fellow fire community. I've run up against a conundrum and I'd like some input by others who either actively support laboratories or had supported them in the past. I'm getting a lot of push back from facility managem...
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  • Dust explosion

    I am a student of the master's degree in urban fire safety at the University of Coimbra (Portugal), who is currently doing the dissertation on "Determination of the explosivity characteristics of hollow polymer micros...
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  • Fire shutter for gas house conveyor entries

    Dear all,   Does anyone have a recommendation for a fire shutter supplier for conveyor openings into and out of a gas house.   Many thanks Ross Hollands
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  • Underground Conduit - Encase or Direct Burial? (NEC 300.5)

    Design scenario: Conduit has to be installed from a pad mount transformer secondary to a electrical room (MCC).  In between has no traffic and is a industrial location.     ---------------------------...
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  • NFPA 110 8.3.7 Diesel Fuel Quality

    I was curious if anyone could provide insight into this requirement.  It states, " A fuel quality test shall be performed at least annually using appropriate ASTM Standards.*  There are a lot of different AS...
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  • Duct from Commercial hood - Clearance NFPA 96

    The duct from the commercial hood runs in the ceiling space. What minimum clearance shall we provide between the duct and combustible ceiling above (the ceiling has 2-hour fire rating though), and between th...
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  • Does NFPA 820 apply to boiler rooms in wastewater plants

    We are doing electrical classification evaluation on the wastewater treatment plant. We are following NFPA 820 recommendations. I have a question about a Boiler room on this plant with dual fuel boilers work...
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  • inert gas protection

    I would request you to guide if I have to figure out the cylinder size for each system of Fire Extinguishers system of the following types: Novec , FM 200 CO2 when I have the room volume, how can I size the cylind...
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  • Hyperbaric fire protection

    Is it true that class B chambers located inside a building shall NOT be required to be protected by 2 hour fire-resistant rated construction as stated in NFP 99  The building we are considering is th...
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  • Hot Oil Heat Transfer Fluid Classification

    My hot oil heat transfer fluid has a flash point of 249F.  We operate the hot oil heater at 550F.  NFPA 497 (2017)paragraph 3.3.4 indicates that it is a Class IIIB liquid and paragraph indicates...
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  • British standard

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  • Hazardous Material Classification

    In reviewing the document hazardous materials classification submitted to NFPA 1 for the development of NFPA 400, there is information related to the history of maximum allowable quantity of various hazardous classifi...
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  • Confined Space Query-High Visibility Vests and More!

    Can you believe we are already in the process of revising the 2016 edition of NFPA 350?   The Committee responsible for the revision of the document is meeting this week in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to work on...
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  • Fire Trace protection system for Electrical Panels

    Hi all Is there is any requirement to connect the fire trace protection system of the electrical panel to Fire alarm system however the room it self is covered by multi smoke / heat detector as this system should tri...
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  • NFPA 33

    Over the years we have not had an issue with body shops bagging their sprinkler heads in spray booths.  We now have a long time business in town who is refusing to bag the heads based on studies he read documenti...
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