• Mechanical Room Trash Containers

    Are there any rules restricting the use of plastic trash containers in Mechanical Rooms? I can't recall ever seeing anything like this, but I was approached by an employee who thought there was so I wanted to further ...
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  • NFPA rules for NH3 detection

    in a plasma reactor room, that use NH3 i need to known what rule apply and if there is a necessity to join the detection on a alram panel, even the corporal shower around that room in case of a using of those corporal...
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  • Fire Hydrant distance as per NFPA

    fire hydrant What is the minimum distance from one hydrant to another in oil and gas industry OR any general industry? benevartsnfpamattklaus
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  • NFPA 36

    Hello ,please can any one update me how many NFPA 36 revision have been made to till date.
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  • CFPS Certification

    I'm planning to do CFPS course and based out India. Can you any one guide me to com[plete my certification
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  • NFPA 59A - Gas Detection Alarms

    I am working with an LNG facility and trying to understand section of NFPA 59A for gas detection. I would like to know if it is mandatory all the time to report to a remote location (main command post with fi...
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  • 'In-plant' or modular office buildings and 'In-plant' mezzanines - General or specific FP code references, i.e. sprinkler system required(?)

    General or specific FP codes or references to determine requirements for the In-plant or modular office buildings and in-plant mezzanines, i.e. sprinkler system required(?) and if so, what are the tresholds, i.e. area...
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  • Diesel AST "Free" Tank Vent Outlet Location

    Seeking advice on the required location of a "free" vent opening on an AST used to store diesel fuel on a mine site. Tank is currently fitted with a free (atmospheric) vent installed onto a riser pipe. It's a self-bun...
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  • Protective Device Maintenance

    Within Substations and switchboards how can compliance with NFPA 70 E be met in regards to protective device maintenance.   Most of our Substations contain Category Dangerous rated Circuit breakers with Arc Plas...
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  • Effects of Panel Inertia NFPA 68 std.

    Hi there: I have a problem to calculate the Av3 area of dust collector vents due to the effects of inertia using NFPA 68 standard. In equation 8.2.8 of NFPA 68 2007 ed., variables V and Pred multiply to The mass of t...
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  • Tote Storage Class IIIB

    NFPA 30 indicates totes storing class IIIB liquids shall be store only 2 high.  I take this to be a structural issue, that one tote piled on top of another is ok, but a third tote on top of two stacked totes is u...
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  • Nancy Pearce

    this morning's update on Brigades was excellent. a great template to share with anyone that needs to present to group on changes in their document and how to explain it. great job Nancy and crew! nancypearce
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