• Subsurface Foam Injection

    The SFPE Handbook and various vendors advise that subsurface injection of foam is not recommended for internal, floating roof tanks.  Are there any studies or incidents that support this position? Thanks
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  • Powder addition to flammables tank

    Hi,  I'm in a situation with a process that requires addition of powder to a 250L tank that contains ethanol. About 5 kg of powder is added, in 1kg batches. The issue I have is that the powders are weighed and di...
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  • Gas Interface with HVAC

    Why there is nothing mentioned about the gas detector in return duct. While HVAC in re-circulation mode. if there is a build up or increase in hazard gas concentration inside the building due to infiltration or...
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  • AVgas Loading Rack 

    Hello Xchange   I have a question regarding NFPA 407. If a loading and unloading rack for an exiting fuel farm is located outside the perimeter fence ( the tank still inside the plant). It is required to have a ...
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  • How to size the Explosion Reliving Device for Starch Siloes

    Hi, I would like to know the requirements and equations I need to use based on NFPA codes, to : 1) Size the Explosion relieving Devise , i.e., Explosion Panel or Explosion Hatch for Starch Siloes used in Pulp& Pap...
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  • Can we calculate fire water requirements for a hydrocarbon well drilling site/rig site?

    Drilling rigs usually have their own fixed water spray system but how can we, as a client ensure that it is sufficiently designed? Secondly, is there a requirement of any additional firewater inventory to cool down th...
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  • NFPA-30-Extract- Clarification required

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  • What happened to NFPA 49?

    What happened to NFPA 49 - "Hazardous Chemicals Data?" I only see it in the current "Fire Protection Guide to Hazardous Materials, 2010 Edition." If it no longer exists, where can I find the data? For example, I want ...
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  • Can anyone know how to arrange electricla containers?

    Hello, everyone! We have three substaitions and each substaion have mutiple electrical distributions stored in every container, now, we need to arrange the electrical containers in the ground plan, please see the atta...
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  • Fire load and  Hazard Category of an occupancy/Industry

    Kindly clarify exact relation between Fire load and Hazard category of  an occupancy/Industry (Light/Ordinary/High) in perspective of designing fire protection system of an industry.....      
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  • fm200 and inert gas systems discharge test (concentration test)

    is a discharge test  requested for the fm200 and inert gas system?
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  • NFPA 86 Exlosion Relief Requirement Exceptions

    Hello,  I am looking for information on how to take exception to NFPA 86 explosion relief requirements for Class A & B Natural Gas fired Ovens. My situation: I have an oven that cannot physically meet the 15 ...
  • Help needed in research of an eco-friendly extinguishing agent.

    Hello dear community!   I've come here in a quest to at least lay the basis of a future research on the topic of eco-friendly firefighting foams. As you all know the typical types of firefighting foams are ...
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  • What are the Fire Extinguisher requirements for diesel tank farms?

    What are the Fire Extinguisher requirements for diesel tank farms? Just every 75 feet? 20 pounders?
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  • Recommendations for separation distances between outdoor transformer and buildings

    Hello Everybody,   One of our application transformer was located very close to control building. We are not able to keep required safety distance from transformer to the control building. So, we are looking...
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  • edible oil tanks

    Dear nfpa staff i have big storage tank with fixed roof for edible vegetable cooking oil , above ground tanks.20 numbers with the same diked area. as the oil is defined a liquid class 3B. does require a fire fight...
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  • How can calculate Header Pipe Dimension?

    Hi I have a question about collectors piping at spray system fire fighting.  actually, we have a collector at piping with many outlet of it and I want to understand about calculation of them please follow un...
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  • Residential Appliances in Business/Assembly Occupancy

    Can residential appliances like an electric range or wall oven be installed in a resident activity/craft kitchen of a building with a business or assembly occupancy without needing to meet NFPA 96 for Commercial ...
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  • Hazardous Areas

    I'm looking for a digital version of "Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas" 3rd ed or later; Authors Schram/Beneditti/Earley. I have a hard copy, but with with all the remote work happening it's hard  to s...
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  • NFPA 850 "Outdoor Oil-Insulated Transformer Separation"

    Referring this clause "NFPA 850* Unless consideration of the factors in indicates otherwise, it is recommended that any oil-insulated transformer containing 500 gal (1893 L) or more of oil be separated...
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