• What are the Fire Extinguisher requirements for diesel tank farms?

    What are the Fire Extinguisher requirements for diesel tank farms? Just every 75 feet? 20 pounders?
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  • Recommendations for separation distances between outdoor transformer and buildings

    Hello Everybody,   One of our application transformer was located very close to control building. We are not able to keep required safety distance from transformer to the control building. So, we are looking...
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  • edible oil tanks

    Dear nfpa staff i have big storage tank with fixed roof for edible vegetable cooking oil , above ground tanks.20 numbers with the same diked area. as the oil is defined a liquid class 3B. does require a fire fight...
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  • How can calculate Header Pipe Dimension?

    Hi I have a question about collectors piping at spray system fire fighting.  actually, we have a collector at piping with many outlet of it and I want to understand about calculation of them please follow un...
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  • Residential Appliances in Business/Assembly Occupancy

    Can residential appliances like an electric range or wall oven be installed in a resident activity/craft kitchen of a building with a business or assembly occupancy without needing to meet NFPA 96 for Commercial ...
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  • Hazardous Areas

    I'm looking for a digital version of "Electrical Installations in Hazardous Areas" 3rd ed or later; Authors Schram/Beneditti/Earley. I have a hard copy, but with with all the remote work happening it's hard  to s...
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  • NFPA 850 "Outdoor Oil-Insulated Transformer Separation"

    Referring this clause "NFPA 850* Unless consideration of the factors in indicates otherwise, it is recommended that any oil-insulated transformer containing 500 gal (1893 L) or more of oil be separated...
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  • NFPA-33-18 exhaust fan operation during fire condition

    Hello, I have been selling and installing Industrial Spray  booths for quite sometime. it has always been that in the event of a fire condition either in  the booth or elsewhere in the building and the ...
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  • I am looking for up to date NFPA standards and training on UTV(side by side) operator training and policies

    In my organization we use side by side off road vehicles(UTVs) for all hazards response coverage during special events at city parks, venues, festivals, concerts, etc., in our urban areas.  We have zero trai...
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  • What is the maximum length a hose can be for dispencing a class II (Diesel Fuel)?

    What is the max length the hose can be from the tank to the nozzle? The 120 gallon AST is only used to fuel support vehicle (forklift) at a marina.   Fire Inspector Baker Orleans Fire Department
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  • Does attaching a snow plow to a 100LL aircraft refueler vehicle violate any fire regulation codes?

    I have this suspicion that attaching a snow plow to an aircraft refueler truck is not permitted, especially at a federally funded airport. It just sounds like a bad idea to put something that can create sparks on a ve...
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  • Air flow impact on heat detector and smoke detector

    For the conventional heat detector, is it OK to be used in the room where the HVAC air flow direction is downwards(from ceiling to floor), and air flow speed no higher than 0.5m/s. The hvac outlet is installed on ceil...
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  • How to protect beverages up to 50% in alcohol content in glass bottles ?

    Hi,   I am in the process of designing a sprinkler system for a comercial warehouse in Uruguay.   Analyzing the products to be stored I´ve noticed that some of them are alcoholic beverages containtin...
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  • Fire resistant cable

    In the clean agent release control system, is the fire resistant cable mandatory to be used, or fire proof cable can be OK when in steel conduit?
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  • Steam Boilers running on LPG in basements

    Is there any restriction to install a steam boiler running on LPG in basements? What are the available ventilation systems to prevent the accumulation of LPG in case of leak. 
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  • Substation transformer Deluge system test frequency?

    What are the frequencies of testing deluge systems for transformers?   Mainly the full trip test?  If you can produce a chart just for deluge systems that would be great!   Thanks
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  • Air separation unit: fire water demand

    Hi all! Can anyone tell me how to determine the maximum fire water flow required for the protection of an air separation unit? Thank you in advance.
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  • NFPA 59A distance requirement clarification

    Hello!   In NFPA 59A is there a 50 ft distance requirement from sloped LNG trenches (underneath LNG piping) to closest source of ignition such as generators, Electrical MCC equipment or Thermal oxidizers? C...
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  • Gas train on a flare classification

    I have a straight forward flare burning methane with a NG pilot line.  Where does 497 direct me for the classification of the equipment on this line? I am new to this and would appreciate the help. TG
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