• Exhaust fan / sprinkler head / classified space FAS shutdown

    I am installing exhaust fans in an industrial plant that is C-I D-I. the  fans will replace passive ridge vents. Each fan will move +30K cfm. In the center of the opening below each fan is a sprinkler head. I hav...
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  • Cableless Controls

    Our current project is implementing a cableless control, and clarification is needed on two points in NFPA 79, 9.2.7.   What is needed to fulfill the memory verification requirement of When are prede...
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  • dry pipe system in basements - how is it suitable

    Dry riser system to be given in basements of a mixed occupancy of a mall. The mall is having 10 basement parking level. As per NFPA; how it could be considered to design. Dry riser / pre - action system to be followed...
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  • UL94 Flammability testing

    I am looking for information on the applicable standard to reference when setting up a burn chamber for UL94 Flammability testing.  
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  • NFPA 58 Piping Gasket Materials

    In section of NFPA 58, is the requirement for a 1500F melting point for the metal material only or also the material confined within the metal of a gasket. We are considering a spiral wound gasket for flange...
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  • NFPA 484 Storage of Light Casting Size

    npfa 484 states " piles of stored light magnesium castings, either in cartons or crates or without packing, shall be limited in size to 28m^3.   My question is this.  Our product has a volume o...
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  • Wildfire Heat Flux

    I need to convert heat flux measured in  kW/m2   (into laymen's terms).  In addition, how would this symbol  convert (or can it) to either heat (Fahrenheit or Celsius) or speed (i.e. foot...

    Hey! I have few questios about NFPA 850. First. Does the indicates that I have to comply with all the 5 items there or if I have one of them I´m in accordance with that paragraph? Second. indic...
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  • fire protection of bulk storage of raw sugar

    We are researching technical guidance and best practice on the fire protection systems requirements that are being adopted in the sugar refinery industry in various countries related to the refining of raw sugar into ...
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  • Secondary Containment for Above Ground Tanks

    Is secondary containment required for tanks with a health hazard: 1, flammability: 0, and  Reactivity: 0?
  • Dust Collection

    I’m looking at installing a new dust collection system to capture cast iron and steel dust from a blasting process. I’m trying to find out if I can vent the air back into the facility.  Can you help m...
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  • Flammable Cabinet Use

    Are the any rules/regulations stating that you are not permitted to store items in the bottom of the flammable cabinet? (not on a bottom shelf, but the actual spill containment area bottom)
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  • NFPA 505, OSHA 1910.178

    In OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1910.178, Powered Industrial Trucks, Table N-1 References the NFPA at the bottom of the table, with Reference #'s for NFPA 505, that I have not been able to find.  Can someone help redirec...
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    We have a customer using Silane which is highly flammable.   Do you have any information on this Class I, Group ____(?) designation?   Silane seems to have multiple chemical names, all of which are not i...
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  • Standby selection for Fire Pump as per NFPA

    Hi Everyone, How to decided number of standby for fire water pumps and also how to decide drivers requirement of fire water pumps ? e.g. diesel or electrical driven   For example, fire water demand for plant is...
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    Hi all I am planning to put in a Fire water pump in an area where electricity is a bit too far. I intend to put in 2 diesel engine driven fw pumps. One will be standby for other. Both have their own engines. Is there...
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  • Soap Based Combustible Dust

     Soap Based Combustible Dust? Does anyone have experience with Stearate containing soap dust, test results show combustible but it seems to have large amount and very high ignition source temp.
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  • NFPA20 version 2016 - Ventilation in pump station

    Hi, my name is Grzegorz Boguszewski and I am a sprinkler designer. I have a problem with one rule in NFPA20 version 2016 - Pump Station: the number of point is: with folowing content: "The total air supply ...
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  • Hazardous area classification (HAC) of interstitial spaces.

    I am involved in the construction of a large plant. The plant utilizes and distributes numerous flammable liquids and/or gasses (the primary ones being ethanol and formic acid). In certain areas this distribution and ...
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  • Alternative solution for a warehouse

    Hello everyone,   I am currently working on a fire protection project for a cellulose pulp warehouse with an approximate area of 30,000 m2 (322,800 ft2). The local regulation requires project compartments (fire ...
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