Senior Mechanical Engineer

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Purpose: Responsible for mechanical engineering projects from conception through construction, including project management, the establishment of scope, design criteria and program requirements, schematic and conceptual design, final design, construction plans and specifications, bidding and construction award, shop drawing reviews, construction inspection and supervision. Work with other Massport Departments, various public agencies and officials and the public in general. Projects may be “in-house” design or “outside consultant’s” design. Ensures that mechanical projects are planned, budgeted, designed and constructed safely, within budget limits, on schedule, and result in a functional quality product.


A. Manages project initiation and scoping process for assigned HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection, and other mechanical projects.

1. Develops preliminary concept definitions.

2. Participates in budget preparation and review process by providing specific project data for budget in concert with facility needs.

3. Oversees consultants’ preparation of contract documents on projects, as needed.

4. Schedules and conducts project meetings and provides professional technical leadership.

5. Solicits, reviews and consolidates relevant project information from design through construction.

6. Coordinates and secures all necessary internal and external project approvals.

B. Prepares and maintains mechanical engineering plans and specifications for in-house design projects.

1. Provides feasibility sketches, estimates, preliminary designs, final designs and specifications.

2. Devises cost estimates in support of all in-house design efforts.

3. Prepares and maintains guideline specifications and standards for Massport use.

4. Processes bid documents and provides project management.

5. Maintains up-to-date information on designs and specifications.

C. Participates and cooperates in review of tenants' mechanical alterations.

1. Reviews designs of consultants' work projects.

2. Evaluates mechanical designs for all new construction and for alterations, additions, repairs and modifications.

3. Reviews consultant prepared mechanical plans, specifications, reports, surveys and discusses with appropriate personnel.

4. Examines mechanical shop drawings for compliance with contract requirements.

5. Reviews and reports on mechanical rehabilitation of existing facilities for technical adequacy and conformance to established design practice and Massport standards and guidelines for all Massport facilities.

6. Ensures technical accuracy and sufficiency of consultant mechanical plans and designs.

D. Manages capital projects as assigned.

1. Assists the Architectural/Engineer Services Manager with the review of term consultant scope of services and negotiation of consultant fees.

2. Directs consultant during the design phase to ensure adherence to all agreed upon schedules and commitments.

3. Monitors and reviews consultant's work while insuring quality of contract documents.

4. Authorizes payment of consultant invoices


E. Manages term contractors providing mechanical and fire protection services.

1. Oversees fire protection and fire alarm contracts that support the MPA Facilities Department.

2. Assists the Facilities Department in preparing specifications for and bidding of various term construction and services contracts such as refrigeration systems maintenance, process water treatment, distributed controls maintenance, and other mechanical services.

F. Manages project mechanical design process.

1. Provides direction and guidance to consultants and/or in-house design staff.

2. Provides comprehensive technical review of construction bid documents and other deliverables.

3. Communicates relevant and pertinent information on projects to department and operating staff, as necessary.

4. Provides technical advice as requested.

G. Provides mechanical planning and consultant assistance to facility managers, department engineers and Massport staff.

1. Plans layout of project and consults with departmental personnel on mechanical design requirements.

2. Gives design recommendations on projects.

3. Integrates engineering elements into unified mechanical design.

4. Verifies compliance to mechanical plans and specifications.

H. Manages mechanical construction process.

1. Oversees construction bidding and award process.

2. Directs design/construction team during construction including the project acceptance phase and warranty period.

3. Ensures project costs are being maintained while assuring quality work.

4. Reviews, tracks and authorizes all requests for payments, amendments, change orders and project schedules.

5. Coordinates, monitors and reviews mechanical work throughout all phases.

6. Resolves issues that arise during projects.

7. Travels to site and inspects mechanical work and progress.

8. Conducts meetings with parties involved in projects.

9. Manages resident engineering and inspection forces.

I. Closes out projects.

1. Coordinates operation and maintenance manuals.

2. Monitors warranty period.

J. Performs other duties as assigned.



A. Assists other departmental and engineering personnel in mechanical design matters.
B. Ability to manage and design several projects at a given time.
C. Conducts public presentations to various internal and external groups.
D. Assists project managers, Architects and other Engineers.
E. Assures that projects are brought to a successful conclusion and within budget constraints.
F. Maintains project files as appropriate.



A. EDUCATION LEVEL: Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering or related field or equivalent professional work experience in design and construction required.
B. EXPERIENCE IN RELATED FIELD: Minimum of 15 years of professional experience in the mechanical design and construction of buildings and facilities similar to Massport properties.

1. Professional Mechanical or Fire Protection Engineering registration required.

2. Working knowledge of building codes, regulations and ordinances.

3. Massachusetts Class D (III) drivers license.

4. Ability to pass a Massport security check and obtain a Massport Security Badge.

5. Ability to pass airfield driving test and obtain Aerodrome Ramp, Apron and Airfield License.

6. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

7. Knowledge of the Massachusetts public bidding process.

8. Ability to communicate and mediate between groups and individuals of varying
backgrounds and responsibilities.

9. Working knowledge of word processing, spreadsheet, and database applications.

10. Ability to pass a Massport controlled substances test and background security checks.

D. WORK SCHEDULE: Ability to work 37.5-hour workweek and ability to work additional hours as workload demands.

Please apply online @ https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/massport?page=3