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Hello everyone! During this COVID-19 times, my Fire Department is participating in Birthday Party Drive-By's. In normal times, in the summer we typically do Block Parties as a way to reach and connect to the community. What is everyone planning to do in the summer for community outreach? Will you continue Birthday Parades? Does anyone have any… (Show more)
in Public Education
Has anyone used VR programs to educate the public in fire safety?  I know they are using if for fire fighting training as well as companies using them for safety training.  We are acquiring a building and we were thinking of using it as a Learning/Training Center.  Small groups would come to us and we would use this as another tool.  If you have,… (Show more)
in Public Education
Recently I had a information table at a Senior Citizen's Fair in my Municipality. I did some research prior to and the number one thing Seniors fear the most is losing their mobility. Being involved in a fire did not even make the list; not sure how far down it would be had the list not been a top ten list. So a little brainstorming had me…
Here is a Jeopardy game for your classroom visits.  The game must be in the PRESENT mode for it to work. Many classrooms have projection technology such as a SmartBoard.    Below is the PowerPoint version which is a copy from the original…
Last week, my teenage son came to me and said, “Yo, Mom. Can we get some baby ducks?” No joke. He really said “Yo, Mom.” (Cue the eye roll.) And he really asked for ducks. (Cue the eyebrow lift.) I quickly brushed off this request until later that evening during what has been coined as Social Distancing Cocktail Hour. This is exactly what you are… (Show more)
I have found that adult children supporting their aging parents are very receptive to interventions, yet are often unaware of resources available. Many are helping their folks while at the same time still parenting their own children (the "sandwich generation.") Sometimes, the adult children are the best way to get Seniors what they need.  When…