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Fred Durso
Rain may have been in the forecast for many parts of North America on Saturday, May 19. However, it did not dampen efforts to finally give home fire sprinklers the widespread attention this technology deserves.    More than 50 events in 25 U.S. states and Canadian provinces took place on or around North America's first Home Fire Sprinkler… (Show more)
Fred Durso
Whether or not you're hosting or attending one of the many events on Home Fire Sprinkler Day, here's a simple way of getting the media's attention: write a letter to the editor.   NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition have developed a free template you can use. If you're hosting a sprinkler event in your area, the… (Show more)
Alley Daniel
Id like to clarify what fire rating should be applied to entry doors into suites / rooms. The hotel suites open onto a corridor which forms part of the egress route. Our egress route has a fire rating of 60min. Can the doors be FD30, or do they need to have a higher rating such as 45min or 60min? 
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Fred Durso
A new survey by the American Red Cross has unveiled disturbing misconceptions about home fires. Read the findings from this survey in the latest edition of NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative newsletter. There are also stories on:    six ways you can take action on Home Fire Sprinkler Day on May 19 the Trump Tower fire and how a fire death in its… (Show more)
Fred Durso
Planning an event for Home Fire Sprinkler Day on Saturday, May 19? Let us know what you're up to.   Please take a few seconds and place your activity on our event map. Taking this simple step will let us know the number of activities taking place during the big day while informing your residents that something is happening locally. Whether your… (Show more)
Robert Solomon
Today’s Daily Dispatch featured an op-ed by our president Jim Pauley, addressing concerns and questions around how to best protect occupants in the event of an active shooter incident or other hostile event while continuing to maintain adequate safety features in place such as the means of egress. As Jim noted, upcoming editions of NFPA codes… (Show more)
Fred Durso
Unsure how to join the many safety advocates taking action during North America's first Home Fire Sprinkler Day? Don't fret. Whether planning a citywide event or simply alerting your social media contacts about the day, your participation will be a crucial component to Sprinkler Day's success. If you haven't yet planned an event for Saturday, May… (Show more)
Lisa Braxton
Saginaw firefighters are working to make the city safer, one home at a time. According to television station ABC12, FEMA recently awarded the fire department a grant to purchase 1,300 carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. Firefighters have been installing them. Already at least four of them have alerted families to the potentially deadly gas. CO alarms… (Show more)
Myrelis Diaz
What would be more critical a fire rated wall to ceiling joint or a wall to wall joint? I would think it's the fire rated wall to ceiling joint since heat travels up and would concentrate in the upper area.
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Fred Durso
On Saturday, May 19, you and others will get the chance to take collective action to help solve North America's home fire problem. Participating in Home Fire Sprinkler Day will send a powerful message to your local decision makers, residents, and the media that fire sprinklers in new homes should be embraced. Here are some tactics for taking… (Show more)
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