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Several years ago I sent a Sparky the fire dog home with each Grade 1 student on a rotational basis along with a video and notebook for parents. The rules of the sleepover were that the smoke alarms had to be tested and a home escape drill be performed for it to be safe for Sparky to stay over. Also, a Ontario fire marshal video "No time to Spare"…
After presenting Remembering When to the residential Senior communities, it might be a good idea to keep that information available and in review. Attached below are place mats that when laminated, you can suggest communities use weekly. The place mats are double-sided so one side is fall prevention, and the other side is fire prevention. A couple…
When was The fire triangle changed to a fire tetrahedron to reflect this fourth element ?
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NFPA has been developing new ways of letting the public know that home fires should be a serious concern. Simply telling people that home fires are responsible for the majority of fire deaths isn't enough to change behavior. We need to show them the gut-wrenching realities of fire.      We took this approach with NFPA's first, limited episode… (Show more)
Stephan Cox (left) and Richard Smith with the Maryland State Firemen's Association received the 2016 Bringing Safety Home Award from Lorraine Carli, NFPA vice president of Outreach and Advocacy and president of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.   One lucky fire sprinkler advocate will receive $1,000.   NFPA and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition… (Show more)
Recently I had a information table at a Senior Citizen's Fair in my Municipality. I did some research prior to and the number one thing Seniors fear the most is losing their mobility. Being involved in a fire did not even make the list; not sure how far down it would be had the list not been a top ten list. So a little brainstorming had me…
Hello all,   I could't find anywhere books that calculate normative of working hours for sprinkler installations. Maybe it is not called like that? In scope, that book should tell the "normal" time of how long should some mounting of sprinkler part (pipe, fitting, valves, etc.) be done.   I.E. for the heating installations, there is a normative… (Show more)
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what is the available certificates for an architect to be a fire and life safety reviewer ?
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It's coming.    Fire Prevention Week (FPW), October 7-13, is the time to bring your local and our national home fire problem into focus. It's the time to explain to the public that "fire can happen anywhere," as the new FPW slogan states. They should know that despite their technological advances, newer homes aren't immune to fire's wrath; NFPA… (Show more)
Register now for NFPA's Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire two-day training in Denver scheduled for October 4-5. This class will provide valuable skills and knowledge to help you in your wildfire safety mission. Learn the science behind how homes ignite from wildfire. More importantly, find out the best ways to advise property… (Show more)
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