• Are Home Escape Ladders Safe?

    Good Day!   We recently completed a home safety visit, and the question of home escape ladders was asked.  Two on my crew suggested that the homeowner should purchase at least one and have it one of the kid...
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  • What does your fire safety program look like?

    Hello Fire and Life Safety Friends!   I was curious what your fire safety programs look like for elementary/high school students.   I am always looking for new ideas, so let me know what you do ! What kind...
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  • Hot Work Certification

    ...In regards to the mandatory Hot Work Certification, stating that any tool used that generates heat, grinders, drills, saws, powder actuated, propane,Oxy-acetylene, welding machines, etc., operator MUST have,"by law...
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  • Fall Prevention Bookmarks

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    Make and deliver these bookmarks at places Seniors frequent like public libraries, book stores, senior centers, or residential facilities for example. Tape your contact information at the inside bottom of the box you ...
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  • Remembering When Place Mats

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    After presenting Remembering When to the residential Senior communities, it might be a good idea to keep that information available and in review. Attached below are place mats that when laminated, you can suggest com...
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  • Fire Tetrahedron

    When was The fire triangle changed to a fire tetrahedron to reflect this fourth element ?
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  • NFPA's story of a home fire once again gets national recognition

    NFPA has been developing new ways of letting the public know that home fires should be a serious concern. Simply telling people that home fires are responsible for the majority of fire deaths isn't enough to...
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  • Know a stellar fire sprinkler advocate? Nominate them for the NFPA/HFSC Bringing Safety Home Award

    Stephan Cox (left) and Richard Smith with the Maryland State Firemen's Association received the 2016 Bringing Safety Home Award from Lorraine Carli, NFPA vice president of Outreach and Advocacy and president of the Ho...
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  • Sparkys Sleepover

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    Several years ago I sent a Sparky the fire dog home with each Grade 1 student on a rotational basis along with a video and notebook for parents. The rules of the sleepover were that the smoke alarms had to be tested a...
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  • Normative of works on sprinkler installations

    Hello all,   I could't find anywhere books that calculate normative of working hours for sprinkler installations. Maybe it is not called like that? In scope, that book should tell the "normal" time of how long s...
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  • Fire and life safety certificates

    what is the available certificates for an architect to be a fire and life safety reviewer ?
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  • How to include home fire sprinklers into your Fire Prevention Week outreach

    It's coming.    Fire Prevention Week (FPW), October 7-13, is the time to bring your local and our national home fire problem into focus. It's the time to explain to the public that "fire can happe...
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  • Get valuable training on how to help homes survive wildfires - register for the Denver class now!

    Register now for NFPA's Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire two-day training in Denver scheduled for October 4-5. This class will provide valuable skills and knowledge to help you in your wildfire saf...
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  • Fire Protection Industry Information

    I'm looking for details about the industry and was hoping someone could give me some direction. I'm looking to understand how many fire inspection companies exist in North America? What those companies represent in do...
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  • Wildfire safety messages now included in national reference guide

    For many years, NFPA has convened an Educational Messages Advisory Committee to develop consistent fire and life safety messages for the general public on a wide variety of topics. The newly revised 2018 edition of th...
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  • Fire & Alarm Inspectors Opportunity

    Cennox is a nationwide corporation looking for a  Commercial Systems Inspector.   Part- Time in the Cleveland,OH; North Dayton, OH;  Full- Time in Richmond, VA;  Norfolk, VA; St. Louis, MO 
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  • Swarms of people attend open house of a home devastated by fire

    The line snaked past the gutted home and into the street. Seeing is believing, and about 800 eager New Zealand residents saw an eyeful when they finally made their way past the home's front door. There were charred re...
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  • From bad to worse: U.S. wildfires continue to break hearts, records

    It's been less than a year since California's "worst wildfires" and wildland firefighters, fire agencies, and safety advocates are all experiencing a major case of deja vu. As someone who has written...
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  • Quick and Impactful Lesson

    I am doing a few "lessons" with the local daycares for their summer camps. I live in a very small town so there are not too many kids at these daycares. I am limited to around a 15-20 minute walk through of the appara...
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    test question.
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