• New home fire survey spotlighted in latest edition of NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative newsletter

    A new survey by the American Red Cross has unveiled disturbing misconceptions about home fires. Read the findings from this survey in the latest edition of NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative newsletter. There are also s...
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  • As Home Fire Sprinkler Day nears, let NFPA and others know where your event is taking place

    Planning an event for Home Fire Sprinkler Day on Saturday, May 19? Let us know what you're up to.   Please take a few seconds and place your activity on our event map. Taking this simple step will let ...
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  • How far along are we in the world of fire alarm system and security system integration?

    Today’s Daily Dispatch featured an op-ed by our president Jim Pauley, addressing concerns and questions around how to best protect occupants in the event of an active shooter incident or other hostile event...
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  • Here are six ideas for taking action on Home Fire Sprinkler Day

    Unsure how to join the many safety advocates taking action during North America's first Home Fire Sprinkler Day? Don't fret. Whether planning a citywide event or simply alerting your social media contacts about t...
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  • Firefighters in Michigan install carbon monoxide alarms for residents

    Saginaw firefighters are working to make the city safer, one home at a time. According to television station ABC12, FEMA recently awarded the fire department a grant to purchase 1,300 carbon monoxide (CO) alarms. Fire...
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  • Tactics for taking action on Home Fire Sprinkler Day

    On Saturday, May 19, you and others will get the chance to take collective action to help solve North America's home fire problem. Participating in Home Fire Sprinkler Day will send a powerful message t...
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  • Plumbers or contractors: Who should install home fire sprinklers?

    A recent edition of NFPA Journal highlighted an ongoing discussion: who is permitted to install home fire sprinklers?   Matt Klaus, NFPA technical services lead for fire protection engineering, states ...
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  • ¿existe legislación sobre el punto de encuentro? referido a las evacuaciones

    ¿existe legislación sobre el punto de encuentro? referido a las evacuaciones
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  • BINGO! Remembering When fun!

    During the 2017 Remembering When Scholarship Conference in Nashville last month, participants brought forward the idea of a BINGO game to use in presentations for older adult participants learning about fire and fall ...
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  • Use these free resources to plan a successful event for Home Fire Sprinkler Day

    Home Fire Sprinkler Day is rapidly approaching. To make sure your May 19 event is a success, NFPA and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition have produced a series of new resources. They include:   Sprinkler Day...
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  • Usage of fire extinguishers

    Hello, I'm doing a project of fire safety training in public schools, I think about teaching them how to use fire extinguishers, what is the age of the children after which it is recommended to teach them how to use f...
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  • Feedback wanted on NFPA's new podcast series, "The Survivors"

    Have you listened to our five-part podcast series, "The Survivors"? It humanizes NFPA's statistics on home fires by underscoring the ordeal and aftermath of one family after they lost two children to home fi...
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  • Scoring a Canadian pub-ed victory

        Teaching public education is sometimes like coaching very young hockey players; you never know quite how much information is getting through until little Johnny puts the puck deep, gives chase, then pas...
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  • Notification Allowances

    Probably an age old question. We are an I-1 behavioral health care center that houses small children 24/7. We are sprinkled and have 15 second delay maglocks on  our doors. Our center has been experiencing...
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  • Join fellow safety educators for Home Fire Sprinkler Day!

    Mark your calendars! NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition are initiating Home Fire Sprinkler Day on Saturday, May 19, 2018. The event's goal is to raise national awareness of thi...
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  • What's Your Thoughts On Pitting Corrosion?

    C credits: Josh Lewellen
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  • New public education resource animates speed of home fires and effects of fire sprinklers

    Here's another tool you can use to promote to the public just how quickly home fires can become deadly and the effects home fire sprinklers have in controlling them.   The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition has anima...
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  • Standard Development for Ammonia, Chlorine and Carbon Monoxide Detection and Notification

    I am inquiring if there is any standard development regarding detection of ammonia ( ice rinks) chlorine ( swimming pools) and carbon monoxide (not in residential). Normally pools and arenas have a substantial occupan...
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  • minimum sprinkler head relocation that requires engineer involvement?

    I was told by the City of Edmonton that as per NFPA 13, if less than 6 sprinkler heads are relocated, engineer involvement/ Schedules were not required as long as the work was done by a qualified contractor.  I c...
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  • Question Regarding Gear Demonstrations For Young Children...

    Hello Everyone,   As part of our Community Risk Reduction efforts, we often dress in full gear, including mask and SCBA.  When we have children three years old or younger, we often do not put the mask on, a...
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