• Fire Protection Industry Information

    I'm looking for details about the industry and was hoping someone could give me some direction. I'm looking to understand how many fire inspection companies exist in North America? What those companies represent in do...
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  • Quick and Impactful Lesson

    I am doing a few "lessons" with the local daycares for their summer camps. I live in a very small town so there are not too many kids at these daycares. I am limited to around a 15-20 minute walk through of the appara...
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  • test

    test question.
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  • Wall to wall joint vs Wall to ceiling joint

    What would be more critical a fire rated wall to ceiling joint or a wall to wall joint? I would think it's the fire rated wall to ceiling joint since heat travels up and would concentrate in the upper area.
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  • fire protection for museum

    hi every one , i need your kind help as i have a project for a museum in Dubai , the building consist of four gallerias each gallery has a clear height of  12 meter , and there is a sky light at the ceiling of ea...
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  • Biochar for soil regeneration?

    The Public Education seemed to be the best forum available for this topic so if it should be in a different one, let me know how to move it over.   Our community is looking into making biochar out of the wi...
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  • Best standard for live burn demonstrations

    Hello, I am researching on the best standard to use for providing a best practice for conducting live burn demonstrations, or educational demonstrations. It's not a training burn so 1403 tends to have way too much red...
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  • Fire Rating of Hotel Suite Doors

    Id like to clarify what fire rating should be applied to entry doors into suites / rooms. The hotel suites open onto a corridor which forms part of the egress route. Our egress route has a fire rating of 60m...
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  • ¿existe legislación sobre el punto de encuentro? referido a las evacuaciones

    ¿existe legislación sobre el punto de encuentro? referido a las evacuaciones
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  • Usage of fire extinguishers

    Hello, I'm doing a project of fire safety training in public schools, I think about teaching them how to use fire extinguishers, what is the age of the children after which it is recommended to teach them how to use f...
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  • Notification Allowances

    Probably an age old question. We are an I-1 behavioral health care center that houses small children 24/7. We are sprinkled and have 15 second delay maglocks on  our doors. Our center has been experiencing...
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  • Standard Development for Ammonia, Chlorine and Carbon Monoxide Detection and Notification

    I am inquiring if there is any standard development regarding detection of ammonia ( ice rinks) chlorine ( swimming pools) and carbon monoxide (not in residential). Normally pools and arenas have a substantial occupan...
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  • minimum sprinkler head relocation that requires engineer involvement?

    I was told by the City of Edmonton that as per NFPA 13, if less than 6 sprinkler heads are relocated, engineer involvement/ Schedules were not required as long as the work was done by a qualified contractor.  I c...
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  • Question Regarding Gear Demonstrations For Young Children...

    Hello Everyone,   As part of our Community Risk Reduction efforts, we often dress in full gear, including mask and SCBA.  When we have children three years old or younger, we often do not put the mask on, a...
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  • Training for NFPA 24?

    Hi.   I am looking for a NFPA 24 class for 2-3 individuals.  These individuals are studying for the Ohio - Fire Service Main Exam.  This exam encompasses NFPA 24 and NFPA 25.   I am able to easil...
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  • Life Safety Education for (almost) Middle Schoolers

    Anybody currently presenting a life safety curricula for 9-10 year olds? We are trying to update our program since Risk Watch switched back to LNTB, but in developing lessons for fourth graders I'm finding that they'r...
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  • Fire Department Survey - Fire Prevention

    Please take a minute to answer these ten questions. They are geared towards your departments Fire Prevention efforts.    Fire Department Fire Prevention Survey    Respectfully,  David Shaw
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  • Does anyone have promtional materials for Remembering When Home Visits?

    We are starting to promote sign-ups for our home visit program and I was wondering if anyone has flyers, appointment reminder cards, etc. already designed that I could steal to use for our program. I was thinking a fu...
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  • How do I apply for Firewise recognition for my community?

    How do I apply for Firewise recognition for my community? I can't see on the site where to get started. Thank you.
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  • Fire Prevention Week Promotion

    I'm wondering if there is a round logo with FPW on it like the sticker you sell? 
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