• Stop, Drop and Roll still taught?

    Do some of you still teach stop, drop and roll in the elementary grades?  We don't teach it anymore, but are being required to state our references as to why we do or don't teach that as well as other f...
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  • Horizontal Sidewall Quick Response - Deflector to Ceiling distance

    ,Hello  I'm looking for this type of sprinkler that authorised for  12  to 18 .inches deflector to ceiling distance ?Any thoughts   thank you
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  • Looking For A Specific Standard Operating Guideline/Standard Operating Procedure...

    Good Day All!   My Department has purchased an inflatable fire safety house, and has tasked me with writing a Standard Operating Guideline/Standard Operating Procedure.  I'm trying not to re-invent the...
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  • Sprinkler Pressure

    Hi   What is the maximum pressure a Sprinkler (upright or pendant) can hold / withstand?   I know that the max working pressure is 12 bar.   Is it advisable to do pressure test in pipelines up to 16 ...
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  • How are you improving your fire and life safety messaging?

    Are we effective? As a 32 year fire and life safety educator, I confess that I've seen trends come and go -- and that I've seen educators attempt to enhance their messaging in a tremendous number of ways. I confess th...
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  • PAVA System

    What is the standard /Guidelines to be followed for PAVA system application? Is there any training / books recommended for the PAVA system design and installation. pava NFPA EN50849 en60849
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  • NFPA 2112 v/s UNE 11611 or 11612

    Hi! I was wondering if it's possible to establish a parallel between NFPA 2112 and UNE 11611 or 11612 in terms of X cal/cm2 equals level 1, 2 or 3 of A, B, C and D..... I'm aware that they apply diiferent types of te...
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  • Are Home Escape Ladders Safe?

    Good Day!   We recently completed a home safety visit, and the question of home escape ladders was asked.  Two on my crew suggested that the homeowner should purchase at least one and have it one of the kid...
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  • What does your fire safety program look like?

    Hello Fire and Life Safety Friends!   I was curious what your fire safety programs look like for elementary/high school students.   I am always looking for new ideas, so let me know what you do ! What kind...
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  • Hot Work Certification

    ...In regards to the mandatory Hot Work Certification, stating that any tool used that generates heat, grinders, drills, saws, powder actuated, propane,Oxy-acetylene, welding machines, etc., operator MUST have,"by law...
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  • Fire Tetrahedron

    When was The fire triangle changed to a fire tetrahedron to reflect this fourth element ?
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  • Normative of works on sprinkler installations

    Hello all,   I could't find anywhere books that calculate normative of working hours for sprinkler installations. Maybe it is not called like that? In scope, that book should tell the "normal" time of how long s...
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  • Fire and life safety certificates

    what is the available certificates for an architect to be a fire and life safety reviewer ?
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  • Fire Protection Industry Information

    I'm looking for details about the industry and was hoping someone could give me some direction. I'm looking to understand how many fire inspection companies exist in North America? What those companies represent in do...
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  • Quick and Impactful Lesson

    I am doing a few "lessons" with the local daycares for their summer camps. I live in a very small town so there are not too many kids at these daycares. I am limited to around a 15-20 minute walk through of the appara...
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  • test

    test question.
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  • Wall to wall joint vs Wall to ceiling joint

    What would be more critical a fire rated wall to ceiling joint or a wall to wall joint? I would think it's the fire rated wall to ceiling joint since heat travels up and would concentrate in the upper area.
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  • fire protection for museum

    hi every one , i need your kind help as i have a project for a museum in Dubai , the building consist of four gallerias each gallery has a clear height of  12 meter , and there is a sky light at the ceiling of ea...
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  • Biochar for soil regeneration?

    The Public Education seemed to be the best forum available for this topic so if it should be in a different one, let me know how to move it over.   Our community is looking into making biochar out of the wi...
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  • Best standard for live burn demonstrations

    Hello, I am researching on the best standard to use for providing a best practice for conducting live burn demonstrations, or educational demonstrations. It's not a training burn so 1403 tends to have way too much red...
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