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I have found that adult children supporting their aging parents are very receptive to interventions, yet are often unaware of resources available. Many are helping their folks while at the same time still parenting their own children (the "sandwich generation.") Sometimes, the adult children are the best way to get Seniors what they need.  When…
Here is a Jeopardy game for your classroom visits.  The game must be in the PRESENT mode for it to work. Many classrooms have projection technology such as a SmartBoard.    Below is the PowerPoint version which is a copy from the original…
Good afternoon,  I am a F&LSE for Sugar Creek Twp. Fire Department.  We still utilize the Risk Watch Curricullum in our area.    I am looking for a copy of the disk that belongs to the NFPA Risk Watch grade 5/6 book.  We have the the complete series of books however that disk has been misplaced.  Does anyone know where I can gain access to that… (Show more)
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Do some of you still teach stop, drop and roll in the elementary grades?  We don't teach it anymore, but are being required to state our references as to why we do or don't teach that as well as other fire safety topics.  Anyone else out there not teach SDandR that has any kind of reference as to the why?  Thank you.
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