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Hi   What is the maximum pressure a Sprinkler (upright or pendant) can hold / withstand?   I know that the max working pressure is 12 bar.   Is it advisable to do pressure test in pipelines up to 16 bar with sprinklers installed.
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Are we effective? As a 32 year fire and life safety educator, I confess that I've seen trends come and go -- and that I've seen educators attempt to enhance their messaging in a tremendous number of ways. I confess that I've tried about everything -- and often failed at getting the message out properly. Many of us are learning, however, that we… (Show more)
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What is the standard /Guidelines to be followed for PAVA system application? Is there any training / books recommended for the PAVA system design and installation. pava NFPA EN50849 en60849
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Hi! I was wondering if it's possible to establish a parallel between NFPA 2112 and UNE 11611 or 11612 in terms of X cal/cm2 equals level 1, 2 or 3 of A, B, C and D..... I'm aware that they apply diiferent types of test...   I'll appreciate any feedback on this matter,   best regards,   nfpa2112 
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,Hello  I'm looking for this type of sprinkler that authorised for  12  to 18 .inches deflector to ceiling distance ?Any thoughts   thank you
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Good Day!   We recently completed a home safety visit, and the question of home escape ladders was asked.  Two on my crew suggested that the homeowner should purchase at least one and have it one of the kids bedrooms.  They believe that as a last resort, the safety ladder is a good option.  In my opinion (not the opinion of my employers) I feel… (Show more)
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Hello Fire and Life Safety Friends!   I was curious what your fire safety programs look like for elementary/high school students.   I am always looking for new ideas, so let me know what you do ! What kind of props do you use? Books you read? Has anyone used fake smoke before to simulate exit drills? I wanted to do this but was worried about the… (Show more)
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...In regards to the mandatory Hot Work Certification, stating that any tool used that generates heat, grinders, drills, saws, powder actuated, propane,Oxy-acetylene, welding machines, etc., operator MUST have,"by law", a certificate showing that they have completed the hot work certification class.    And this is a law pertaining not only to… (Show more)
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