Have you ever looked out to an audience of blank stares?

Blog Post created by judycomoletti Employee on Aug 12, 2011

Sleeping-audience Many times we resort to the stand up and deliver fire safety presentation that causes students and adults to tune out. Sometimes we try to add some fun – like the beach ball scenario. The presenter throws the beach ball to one attendee who provides feedback. With this type of presentation, too many learners sit passively, unengaged in the presentation. Active participation by all members of the audience allows them to demonstrate learning, interact with each and have a good time.

A recent book that I read, “Total Participation Techniques”, had some good information to share with fire safety educators. Techniques presented included on the spot discussions, hold-up cards and movement activities. We’ve created our version of techniques we think will work with your audiences, discussion and prompt questions, and how to create an active participation kit. Check out our interactive ideas to incorporate in your next FPW presentation.

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-Judy Comoletti