Use Fire Prevention Week PSAs to help spread safety messages

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Aug 22, 2011

Looking for a fun and easy way to help spread important Fire Prevention Week safety messages in your community? Check out these short public service announcements featuring Sparky the Fire Dog, brought to life through our Voice of Sparky contest winner, Barry Brickey!


Why is a home escape plan important? Sparky the Fire Dog explains in this brief public service announcement.


In this 30 second PSA, NFPA's mascot Sparky the Fire Dog explains how to escape a home during a fire by staying under the smoke.


In this 15 second PSA, NFPA's Sparky the Fire Dog explains the importance of smoke alarms throughout your house and in testing the batteries regularly. 

Download all of these PSAs on our Fire Prevention Week website and use them in your community today!

Hulu The PSAs are also being featured on Hulu - so be sure to let us know if you see one while you are watching your favorite show or movie!

-Lauren Backstrom