Fire Prevention Week made easy

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Sep 1, 2011

Easy Button Don’t you wish everything in life had an easy button?  Well, if you’re thinking of planning a Fire Prevention Week (FPW) open house, you’re in luck.  NFPA's 2011 FPW In A Box™ has all the fire safety materials you’ll need to run a successful FPW open house without breaking a sweat.  Perfect for an event at your local fire station or community center, FPW In A Box ™ is a great way to promote this year’s FPW theme – ''Protect Your Family From Fire.''  From informative brochures to colorful posters and bags, FPW In A Box™ is sure to reach any audience no matter how sizable or diverse.  It’ll have you saying, “That was easy.”   

NFPA’s official FPW In A Box™ includes:

-       FPW Banner (Super-sized 10' x 4') FPW in a Box

-          FPW Posters

-          Adult FPW Brochures

-          Kids FPW Brochures

-          FPW Stickers

-          FPW Magnets

-          Fire Facts Newsletters

-          FPW Bags

Purchases made from the FPW catalog help NFPA continue its community outreach through quality resources and guides. If you’re planning on a budget, be sure to take advantage of all the free materials NFPA created for Fire Prevention Week

-Courtney Flynn