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How cool is this? I would love to see a giant FPW billboard when driving down the street. This Fire Prevention Week billboard in Jacksonville, North Carolina, was donated by the Jacksonville Fire Department. Where have you seen Sparky? -- Amy Lebeau

Many fire departments are using side-by-side burn demonstrations during Fire Prevention Week (FPW) to highlight the importance of fire sprinklers in the home and to demonstrate the power of fire.

Side-by-side burn demonstrations are not difficult to put on. The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) provides a free kit designed to provide step-by-step easy instructions to build the props and to conduct a safe demonstration. And don't forget to invite the media and policy makers to the event.

  Click above to see the video

You are encouraged to visit the HFSC fire service section and sign up to become a Built for Life fire department. There are many benefits associated with doing so, including the opportunity to receive stipends to conduct side-by-side burn demonstrations.

Take advantage of your open houses and other events during FPW and throughout the year to educate your community on the importance of living with sprinklers.

If your interest goes beyond education and you would like to advocate for fire sprinkler requirement in new homes, join us at the Fire Sprinkler Initiative®: Bringing Safety Home and sign up to take action.

Maria Figueroa

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