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Over 80% of fire deaths occur in the home. Most people who died could have been saved by fire sprinklers. When thinking about protecting your family from fire it’s important to consider the life safety value of fire sprinklers.

Smoke alarms have done a good job in saving many lives. Home fire deaths greatly declined when wired, interconnected smoke alarms were required by code. In the mid 90’s we reached a plateau, maximizing the benefits of smoke alarms.

Sprinkler activation People continue to die in home fires at unacceptable rates. Over 2,500 lives are lost to home fires every year. Those most at risk are; young children, older adults, persons with disabilities. This high risk group may need the additional time that home fire sprinklers provide to evacuate or to be rescued by responding firefighters, if incapable of self-rescue. sprinklers respond quickly and effectively to fire. Contrary to what is portrayed in TV shows and movies, they don’t all go off at once. Only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate. Over 90% of fires that grew large enough to activate the sprinkler system were controlled by a single sprinkler.

Home fire sprinklers save more than lives, they also protect property; up to 71% when compared with fires in homes with no sprinkler protection. Most often than not, a family will be able to continue to live in the home and to preserve precious memories.

If you are a fire/life safety educator reading this, please make sure that you include the home fire sprinkler message in your educational activities. Visit this page to learn about keeping your community safe with fire sprinklers.

If you would like to advocate for fire sprinklers in all new home construction in your community, visit the Home Fire Sprinkler: Bringing Safety Home® website and sign up to take action.

Maria Figueroa

Paul Allard, of the Manchester Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau in Manchester, NH, set aside some time to talk with NFPA about the fire prevention activities in his community, and how his department uses NFPA products during Fire Prevention Week™ (FPW™) and all year long to deliver important safety messages. "We know we can count on NFPA for high-quality, reliable fire safety materials to support our public education efforts..."


Many fire departments lack the funds to purchase materials for FPW. We are here to help you fundraise to support your FPW efforts – including a sample fundraising letter and list of potential funders. It’s time to start reaching out to local business leaders in your community so you can purchase all the great FPW products NFPA has created just for you. Check out the “Must Haves” -- posters, banners, t-shirts, stickers, fire hats, brochures, coloring books and more. Let me know what products you like best. Just click on the “Comments” link to get started.

-- Elizabeth Hyde

In celebration of Sparky's 60th birthday, Carlos Bakery in Hoboken, NJ - home of TLC's The Cake Boss, made Sparky a special birthday cake. Read the blog posts highlighting Sparky's visit to the bakery to see his cake being made and about Sparky meeting the stars of the show!

Along Sparky's road trip down to the bakery to thank the team for making him a cake, he made a stop at Hoboken Fire Department Co. No. 6. Sparky presented Battalion Chief Louis Moyeno and his crew with a platter of cookies from the bakery, as well as the very first 2011 Fire Prevention Week banner, and an assortment of NFPA public education materials for their local classrooms. 




Hoboken truck 
For more photos of Sparky's trip and more details on Sparky's 60th birthday celebrations, visit our Sparky's Birthday web page.  

-Lauren Backstrom

Fire Prevention Chief T.A. Jones. PHOTO: DONNA PRICE / AMERICAN PRESS

T.A. Jones officially retired from the Lake Charles (Louisiana) Fire Department earlier this month, and in an article by Celeste Ansley on, he says he remembers every single fire fatality he has seen in his 39-year career.

“It takes a toll on you,” he said.

Chief Jones says he attended his first fire as a hoseman, and through his career, rose through the rankds of fireman first class, fire driver, and fire captain in 1989. He began his work with the fire prevention bureau in 1990.

“Being a part of fire prevention became a part of my life and family,” he says. Chief Jones said in the article that he was “very excited” when he became chief of fire prevention because he knew he could make a difference in Lake Charles.

Jones said some of his happiest moments of his career were visiting local schools during Fire Prevention Week.

“(The children) come up with the best questions,” he says in the article. He added that children remember what he taught them and then they go home and tell their parents.

FPW 2011 Family Checklist See NFPA's Fire Prevention Week materials for kids and families, including a fire safety checklist, an escape planning grid, and a fun project about the importance of working smoke alarms.

NFPA's Fire Prevention Week team tips its hat to Chief Jones and wishes him a happy, healthy retirement!

WE WANT TO KNOW: If you're in the fire service, what's your favorite part of Fire Prevention Week? The classroom visits? The open houses? Your community's focus on safety?

Please share your thougths below. Just click on the "Comments" link to get started.

- Mike Hazell

2011 Fire Prevention Week Quiz The NFPA 2011 Fire Prevention Week campaign's theme is "Protect Your Family From Fire." Keeping in line with the theme, this year, the focus is all about keeping you, your family, and your community safer from fire.'ve developed a short quiz to test your fire safety knowledge as part of this campaign! Take the quiz on our website and afterwards, continue to click through to see what the correct answers were to any you may have answered incorrectly. Also, be sure to share your results on Facebook and Twitter.

Take the Fire Prevention Week quiz now!

For further educational material and tip sheets on the leading causes of home fires, information about protecting your home and families with life-saving technologies, and the importance of home escape planning, visit the Fire Prevention Week website.

-Lauren Backstrom


There’s no need to book a flight to the Emmy’s or decide on a fashionable ensemble for the red carpet just yet, but it is time to celebrate this recent recognition.  (Who needs an awards gala anyway?)  NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week video The Checklist topped the list of 25 must-see YouTube videos about fire prevention put together by the folks at  The video features cartoon character Dan Doofus working on his home fire safety checklist. 

Check out all NFPA Dan Doofus videos and let us know which one you like best?



Safety fun with the kids

Posted by amylebeau Employee Jul 19, 2011

FPW2011-FamilyChecklist It is hot here in the Northeast, the kind of hot that takes your breath away when you go outside. I am all for having my kids play outside and limiting their computer and television time. That being said, when it is almost 100 degrees outside it is HARD to keep them busy inside all day long. It just so happens that NFPA has come up with a fun checklist for Fire Prevention Week that will keep the little ones busy and at the same time make your home safer from fire. Hand out some pencils and make it fun for them. Don't worry, there is a section for grown-ups to do too.
- Amy LeBeau

Float__2kimThe Fire Prevention Week floats are rolling in; here is one from a 4th of July celebration in Smyrna DE sent in by NFPA Public Education Field Advisor Kim O’Malley. The float is adorned with safety messages, along with an FPW Poster.

They won 2nd place!  This is just the beginning. They also do a parade during Fire Prevention Week. Kim O’Malley and her team are designing a float that will include Sparky the Fire Dog made out of tissue paper. We’ve asked her to share photos on the progress of the float – stay tuned for more from Smyrna, DE.

Now we want to hear from you. Be sure to tell us about your upcoming plans for Fire Prevention week in your community. Visit our FPW web site  for great ideas for a successful campaign.

-Lynne Winnett

Welcome to the 2011 Fire Prevention Week blog! It’s great to have you back. We have exciting new FPW information to share. Our blogging team has expanded to include representatives from several different areas at NFPA - public affairs, marketing, web publishing, the home fire sprinkler initiative, and, of course, public education.

This year’s theme is “Protect Your Family from Fire.” We are focusing on three key areas – smoke alarms, escape planning, and home fire sprinklers. And, “family” covers everyone from a family of one to a hundred and one. This theme is for you.

By now I’m sure you’ve had a chance to take a look at the FPW site – your source for everything you need for the campaign. We’ll be blogging daily on interesting topics from high-risk issues to products to website materials and even interesting experiences of our blog team.

The Braintree 4th of July celebration parade Sparky the Fire Dog
ʼTwas a warm summer day when all through the town,

Everyone had settled comfortably on the ground.

When out on the street there arose such a clatter,

I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.

The noise through the air was as loud as could be,

The sirens were blaring, could this be happening to me?

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

But a Holbrook Fire truck with Sparky the Fire Dog® spreading cheer.

I dug in my purse and grabbed my smart phone,

Dashed down the street toward the fire truck’s loud drone.

Sparky was animated and greeting the crowd,

It was hard to keep from laughing out loud.

A nod from Sparky and a click of my phone,

A photo of Sparky was now all my own.

Away the truck went on its merry way,

With Sparky on board giving a wave.

But I saw him wink as he shouted happily,

It’s Fire Prevention Week: Protect Your Family!

That’s my creative take on a parade featuring Sparky the Fire Dog.

What creative ideas do you have for Fire Prevention Week?

- Judy Comoletti

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