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Ten-year old Victoria Lyons learned about the importance of knowing how to contact the fire department in an emergency as part of the Sugar Creek Township Fire Department Risk Watch® Program. This lesson was put into action on March 6, 2012 when she and her older sister Blake (age 13) arrived home and saw a large amount of smoke coming from the back yard. Both girls looked out the window and discovered the smoke was coming from their neighbor’s yard. The girls went to investigate. They discovered their neighbor leaning against a fence, his clothing partially burned from his body. Victoria ran back to the house and called 9-1-1. Blake pulled the man away from the burning field behind him. Victoria had learned how to contact the fire department and how to stay calm through the Risk Watch program taught in all fourth grade classrooms.

Fire Safety Educator Elizabeth Gulley of the Sugar Creek Township Fire Department, New Palestine, IN submitted this success story to NFPA. The girls were recognized for their bravery at an award ceremony - congrats girls!

01_sparky (2)The American Humane Association tapped our very own Sparky the Fire Dog to be an official “spokesdog” for the annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards™. Presented by the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation and broadcast nationwide on Hallmark Channel, the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards are produced by Emmy® award-winning MRB Productions and will take place October 6, 2012 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, California.

“Sparky has been a hero to children, adults, and firefighters for more than 60 years,” said Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of American Humane Association. “He is a natural choice to help us celebrate the amazing things dogs do to help us every day that warrant recognition.”

The annual American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, which draws stars and celebrities (human and canine alike), features awards in eight categories, including law enforcement/arson dogs, service dogs, military dogs, hearing dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, therapy dogs, and “emerging hero dogs” (pets and ordinary dogs that do extraordinary things). During a nationwide search hundreds of dogs from all 50 states were nominated.

The public can now vote to choose this year’s finalists through June 30, 2012.

Cool to Do
Mother's Day is right around the corner, but Sparky is celebrating all month long! Here are a few fun ideas for that special lady in your life.

Sparky's Cool to Do in May gives two great ideas for making your Mom a gift.  Find step-by-step instructions on how to make either 'Lemon Sugar Hand Scrub' or a 'Message in a Bottle for Mom.' 

We've all seen Sparky's long list of fun e-cards that can be sent easily to the people in our lives. This month, Sparky has shared an e-card that will help you wish a Happy Mother's Day to the "supermom" in your life! 

What are some other fun ideas for making your Mom feel special this Mother's Day? Share below!

Electrical failures or malfunctions were factors in an estimated 46,500 home structure fires reported to the U.S. fire departments in 2010, accounting for 13 percent of reported home fires. These fires resulted in 420 deaths, 1,520 injuries and $1.5 billion in direct property damage, according to NFPA's Home Electrical Fires Report.

NFPA is marking National Electrical Safety Month (May) by reminding the public to be aware of the risks associated with the use of electricity and providing safety tips and information to assist individuals in taking steps to reduce the risk of home electrical fires.


According to Lorraine Carli, NFPA’s vice president of Communications, “The risk of electrical fire may not always be on your mind, but it probably should be - there are actions that can be taken to eliminate electrical hazards in your household and safety guidelines that can be followed to reduce the chances of having a home electrical fire.”

    National Electrical Safety Month is the perfect reminder that it’s time to review home electrical safety and put a plan into place that can be followed all year.” 

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