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"I haven't played with Legos for years!" was the sentiment heard again and again, as Expo attendees were invited to help reveal the hidden picture on the NFPA Mystery Mural. Made up of 55,296 individual Lego bricks, the picture was finally revealed at about 11:00 am, as the final Legos were tapped into place. 







As part of a partnership with LEGOLAND Florida, NFPA is the official sponsor of "The Big Test", an acrobatic, comedy show in which a cast of real characters goes through a series of hysterical antics as they try to become firefighters. NFPA will be working with LEGOLAND throughout the year to spread fire safety information. There will be a particular emphasis during October as part of Fire Prevention Week activities. 

Learn more about "The Big Test" at LEGOLAND and how to get discount tickets to the park

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