Sparky's Wish List tip: Reaching out to local businesses

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jul 31, 2012

FlyerFire departments can help save lives even before they start up the engines. Fire safety education and outreach is a critical facet to preventing injuries and fatalities as a result of fire-related emergencies.

NFPA has created Sparky’s Wish List to help fire departments get the materials they need for public outreach programs.

These lists can be presented as a clean, simple method of showing businesses and communities what is needed for fire safety education efforts.

Here at NFPA, we want to provide the tools needed to fire departments to help promote each Wish List. Many local businesses are ready to give their support to a wish list.  These businesses may include restaurants, insurance agencies and grocery stores.

Now you can create a template email to send to a local business requesting their support, provide them with flyers or verbiage for a newsletter, and even send a thank you note for their support. 

For more information, visit Sparky’s Wish List.