How to extend the reach of Fire Prevention Week

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Aug 13, 2012

Myrtle Baptist Church PhotoFire safety is woven into the fabric of my church, Myrtle Baptist, in Newton, Massachusetts. Founded by former slaves, the church was built in 1875. In 1897 the building was destroyed by fire. This could have been devastating to the young congregation but the members rallied and within a year rebuilt the church on the site of the original. Descendants of those early members, as well as transplants from other states, like me, serve on our safety committee. We remind the congregation of the fire and its place in the church’s history and emphasize the importance of fire safety education. We hand out Fire Prevention Week materials, maps of each level of the church, which include exits and the safe meeting place, and conduct fire drills that can occur anytime during worship service.  Not only do members know how to exit the building whether they are in the balcony one Sunday or on the main level the next, they take those fire safety practices home with them and share them with family and visitors, extending the reach of the fire safety messages.  Last Sunday we invited the firefighters and police officers of Newton to our service as our honored guests. Members had an opportunity to get acquainted with the professionals who will come to their aid in an emergency. These fire safety education measures can be useful not only at places of worship but at other types of occupancies where groups of people or organizations meet.