How to think fire safety during construction

Blog Post created by judycomoletti Employee on Sep 11, 2012

Laying TileI’m having some work done at home that includes laying tile in the foyer at the front door. The tile was done yesterday and needs to set for 24 hours – that means no walking on the tile. It made me think of my home fire escape plan with my front door as my first way out of my home and freshly laid
tile between me and a quick escape. If there was a fire, I would have ignored the 24 hour no walking on the tile rule and used the front door to leave. Fortunately, smoke alarms did not sound last night.

This Fire Prevention Week serves as a reminder that we should always have two ways out – at home, work, school and anywhere else. Always consider special circumstances such as home construction which might temporarily block a way out. I have a back door with easy access to the yard which could be used as a way out as well as windows with less than a 8 foot drop. Construction can disrupt a home in ways other than setting tile such as furniture moved – possibly blocking usable ways out or even exit stairs removed – making use of the way out impossible. The next time you are doing construction in your home, remember to always have two ways out.