Your fire safety story could go anywhere

Blog Post created by amylebeau Employee on Sep 12, 2012

For our Fire Prevention Week "Cool to Do" on we like to pick an activity that is fun for all ages. I think this year we got it just right. Story dice are easy to make and fun for little and big kids. When I brought the fire safety blocks home, both my 8 year-old and 4 year-old had a blast. For the 4 year-old, we rolled the dice and verbally put together a story using the pictures. For the 8 year-old, he rolled the dice and wrote a story (you can see what he came up with on the Cool to Do page). For both it was fun and silly (being boys there was bound to be some "potty" words thrown in) but it also gave me an opportunity to remind them what a smoke alarm sounds like, why they need two ways out of every room, etc.  I love it when they have fun and they don't even know there is some education involved!

We also have some ideas on the using the story blocks for teachers, parents, firefighters, and after school programs. This would be a great activity at an open house - all you need is a few blocks on a table and a grown-up that can reinforce the education component. Let us know how your kids like the activity.