Reaching people who are at highest risk of dying in a fire

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Sep 14, 2012

http://nfpa.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8351b9f3453ef017744ba08ab970d-piWhen you plan your Fire Prevention Week activities, do you make an effort to reach those people in your community that are at highest risk of dying in a fire or are hard to reach? This population can include older adults, young children, people in low-income communities, smokers, people with disabilities, and people whose main language is not English.

Several fire departments plan to focus some of their activities on high-risk populations during this year’s Fire Prevention Week. For example, the Chicago Fire Department will hold a three-hour Senior Fire Safety Academy event for older adults, and the Columbus, Ohio, Fire Department will work with the Columbus Community Relations Commission at the Best Neighborhood Practice event. The Columbus Fire Department will hold workshops with the police to showcase not only fire safety but relationship building and the reasons we do what we do. The target audience will include mostly adults from high-risk communities.

The Memphis Fire Department plans to hold open houses at various fire stations in high-risk areas for the entire seven days of Fire Prevention Week and will blitz these neighborhoods with fire safety information.

The Milwaukee Fire Department will work with the Milwaukee Bucks on a poster-to-billboard contest. Students from kindergarten through eighth grade will be asked to draw pictures about fire safety, and the winning drawings will be blown up into a billboards near the winners’ schools during Fire Prevention Week. All the winners will have lunch with the fire chief and go to a Milwaukee Buck basketball game along with their classes. Players from the Bucks will install smoke alarms in target neighborhoods with fire companies.

The Miami Fire Department is partnering with Dominos’ pizza in their fire safety campaign. They will target the neighborhoods near fire stations with the highest incidence of fires; these neighborhoods are primarily low-income, and Creole or Spanish are the primary languages in most.

Edmondton, Alberta, Fire Rescue Services will conduct a fire drill in a senior residence.

NFPA is providing lots of ideas and resources to use in reaching high-risk populations on the Fire Prevention Week site. Click here to learn more.