Remembering When conference participants brush up on their presentation skills

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Fire department representatives from 37 fire departments and 37 older adult home visit organizations are participating in the Remembering When interactive training in Boston this week. Among other things, they are learning how to give group presentations and conduct home visits using the 16 key Remembering When fire and fall prevention behaviors.

They have had a chance to work with Janelle Winston of Speech Coach to hone their presentation skills using the best physical movement, voice inflection and effective use of audio visuals.


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Participants work in groups to practice their new skills.


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Trainer Kwame Cooper shows how to use questions such as “What was your favorite food your parents or grandparents cooked for you when you were growing up?" "What kind of stove did they use?" "Did they ever burn themselves?" "How did they treat the burn?" This get older adults participating and gives a way to teach the message of treating a burn by putting it in cool water for 3-5 minutes.


- Sharon Gamache

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