Fire tragedy in Brazil serves as a reminder to be prepared when visiting nightclubs

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 27, 2013

News accounts are reporting that more than 200 people have died in an early morning fire in a nightclub in southern Brazil. 

Fires in assembly occupancies, like nightclubs, have shown to be some of the most deadly when the proper features, systems and construction materials were not present. Every so often, the unexpected happens. Anyone who enters public assembly buildings needs to be prepared.

Before you enter

  • Take a good look. Does the building appear to be in      a condition that makes you feel comfortable? Is the main entrance wide and      does it open outward to allow easy exit? Is the outside area clear of      materials stored against the building or blocking exits?
  • Have a communication plan
    Identify a      relative or friend to contact in case of emergency and you are separated      from family or friends.
  • Plan a meeting place
    Pick a meeting      place outside to meet family or friends with whom you are attending the      function. If there is an emergency, be sure to meet them there.

Learn more about how you and your loved ones can be best prepared for an emergency at a nightclub or other assembly occupancy. Download our free safety tip sheet.