NFPA international fellowship program leads to increased fire and life safety education in South Korea

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Feb 5, 2013

The Korean Fire Protection Association (KFPA) sent Seung-Li Ahn to the National Fire Protection Association in 2011 on an international fellowship to work with the Public Education Division to learn about successful public education programs and effective education techniques.  Ahn shared the knowledge and experience that he gained from the public education staff with his colleagues in South Korea when he returned home.  Here are a few of the accomplishments of KFPA in the past year that resulted from the fellowship: 
• Participation in a campaign for health and safety for older adults called “Love to Senior Citizens Living Alone.”   This campaign led to ongoing work with the ministry of welfare and health to increase safety education among older adults.
• Launching of a safety education program for children. Educators hired by KFPA led the educational activities.
• Creation of a partnership with Safe Living Citizens Alliance, an organization of volunteer educators. KFPA trains their volunteer educators and provides them with educational materials.
 “It's just the first year, and I believe we will prevail in public education, in (South) Korea, thanks to your help,”  Ahn said in reference to NFPA.

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Educators in KFPA training session

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Seung_il Ahn, KFPA; Deputy Chief Derrick Sawyer, Philadelphia Fire Department, and Sharon Gamache, Program Director, High-Risk Outreach Programs, Public Education, NFPA, strategize with public education staff at KFPA offices in Seoul, South Korea