New safety tip sheet: Outdoor electrical safety

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Mar 4, 2013

Outdoor electricalWe've just published a brand new safety tip sheet on outdoor electrical safety!It's important to remember that lighting to improve the look and safety of our homes, electric tools to make our outdoor work easier, and power lines to our home, all need to be handled with care. Here are some examples of the safety tips:

Outside electrical work:

  • Have a qualified electrician do all electrical work.
  • To prevent an electrical shock, make sure all your outside electrical receptacles are GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protected.

Equipment safety:

  • Use lighting and power tools that have the label of an independent test laboratory and made for outdoor use.
  • Keep electric tools away from children.
  • Check lighting and extension cords for damage before using. Replace any damaged cords right away. 

Power lines:

  • Have a professional tree cutting service trim branches that might fall on electric woring. 
  • Keep the ladder at least 10 feet away from power lines. 
  • Never touch anyone or anything in contact with a downed wire. Power lines may be live, stay a safe distance away. 

Download the full safety tip sheet with NFPA safety tips on outdoor electricity.