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Quarter_Pg_Sparky_Install(1)Did you know there are two types of smoke alarms?

  • An ionization smoke alarm is  generally more responsive to flaming fires, and a photoelectric smoke  alarm is generally more responsive to smoldering fires. For the best  protection, both types of alarms or a combination alarm (photoelectric  and ionization) should be installed in homes.

    Listen to NFPA's Chris Dubay talk about the different kinds of smoke alarms and why it is important to have both in your home.

    Koslowski Cropped PhotoTracy Koslowski, public education/information
    manager and fire marshal for the Drexel Heights Fire District in Tucson, Arizona, has been named the 2013 Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year.

    A third generation firefighter, Koslowski began
    using NFPA’s Learn Not to Burn Preschool Program in 1993 when she was a volunteer at the Tucson Fire Department. She continues to teach it. She has also taught Risk Watch and Remembering When for many years and has expanded Fire Prevention Week in Tucson into Fire Prevention Month. During the past 10 years, she has taken the campaign to all of the schools in the district, visiting more than
    40,000 students.

    In response to safety concerns in the community, Koslowski implemented a babysitter training course, which teaches kitchen safety, fire safety, CPR, first aid, poison  prevention, and other life safety skills. In addition, she developed the Fire Fit Cadet Program, which includes basic firefighting skills, fire and life safety training, physical fitness, and nutrition classes. Drawing guidance from NFPA’s Remembering When program, Koslowski created the Senior Citizen Fire Academy. She also created the Public Education Volunteer Team to keep the district’s public education programs operating in the face of budget constraints.

    Koslowski will receive a $1,000 honorarium and will be flown to Chicago in June for an award presentation at the Opening General Session of the annual NFPA Conference & Expo. Drexel Heights Fire District will receive a $1,000 donation to support public education activities.

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