Mother's Day gift...the fire safe way

Blog Post created by amylebeau Employee on Apr 30, 2013

I was looking for some Mother's Day projects for  when I came across this one. Yikes. I found itMy-moms-gift on Pinterest, so keep in mind that it is out of context. It is just a  picture with no explanation. I am hoping that this is geared towards  adults giving this to their mothers.  Never the less, putting a lit  candle on a rug next to curtains is not a good idea.

 The  sentiment is sweet, and the words are a wonderful message to mom, but  let's throw some fire safety into it. If you are an adult, and you are  giving this gift to your mom, remember candles are open flames and they  can easily ignite anything that can burn. Keep candles at least 12  inches away from anything that can burn. When you wrap the candle and  matches, include this tip sheet on candle safety for mom.
As a child's project, get a flameless candle (don't have children give matches) and include the samePhoto-1 great message. I bought some battery-operated flameless candles  from Target recently. They are vanilla scented and have a built-in timer  so they turn off after four hours.

This is a great alternative to the "real" candle…and much safer. Check back in a few days for some great Mother's Day ideas on