NFPA has everything you need to support a "Prevent Kitchen Fires" campaign

Blog Post created by judycomoletti Employee on May 28, 2013

Owatonna Kitchen FireA fire in Owatonna, MN on Saturday makes this year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign even more important. The fire gutted the kitchen of a second story apartment and caused smoke damage throughout the second floor. The building was unoccupied and the fire was noticed by passersby who saw smoke coming from the building.

The cause of the fire is under investigation, but it appears that the fire started in the kitchen. Our 2013 FPW theme “Prevent Kitchen Fires” is aimed at spreading the word about the dangers of kitchen fires. Did you know that two of every five home fires start in the kitchen? It’s time to focus on this leading cause of fires.

Start planning your campaign to impact the number of kitchen fires in your community. NFPA offers lots of materials for Fire Prevention Week – for the fire service, for teachers and for kids, and families. It’s not too early to order your Fire Prevention Week in a Box or begin promoting your Sparky’s Wish List to businesses in your community.

How many kitchen fires did your community experience last year? Do the research and then implement our "Prevent Kitchen Fires" FPW campaign or use our "Keeping Your Community Cooking Safely" kit. Next year, at this time, look at your kitchen fire statistics again and see if you have a decrease in the number of kitchen fires as a result of your community outreach efforts.

I’d like to hear about the kitchen fires that have occurred in your community. Share your stories with us.