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NFPA exhibit at Safe Kids Worldwide Conference
NFPA Public Education Advisor Kim O'Malley with Wanda Willis from Harrisonburg Fire Department (Virginia)

NFPA was an exhibitor at the 25th anniversary 2013 Safe Kids Worldwide Childhood Injury Prevention Conference at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Washington, D.C., June 19-22, 2013. More than 400 attendees were expected, representing injury prevention experts from hundreds of communities across the United States and 23 countries around the globe.

NFPA Public Education Advisor, Kim O'Malley, was there promoting all of the wonderful and free materials the NFPA Public Education division develops. 

Visit NFPA's Safety Information section to take a look at what educational materials and resources NFPA has available.  

Sparky the Fire Dog® is featured on The Cherokee Ledger-News.Com as a great way to reach out to residents with important fire safety information. Sparky is the newest firefighter joining the Woodstock (GA) Fire Department, although he won’t be fighting fire he will be busy helping the department with their community outreach.

Kids and grown-ups enjoy looking at the "real-life" Sparky and I have seen kids give him lots of hugs, mesmerized by his presence and hold his hand. While he can get the attention of the audience, he also has life saving fire safety information to share with residents. Sparky will make a special appearance during the Woodstock’s Freedom Run on July 4th.

Sparky's official web site, and Sparky’s Wish List was also featured in the Cherokee Ledger. The Woodstock Fire Department has a page on Sparky’s Wish List.  Residents and business can purchase fire safety education materials to support the fire department.

Hats off to the Woodstock Fire Department for promoting Sparky the Fire Dog and utilizing Sparky’s Wish List to purchase NFPA fire safety materials! What a great article.


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In an ever-changing environment, what does it take to keep fire and life safety education moving forward? Dena Schumacher, former education/public information officer of the Champaign Fire Department, Illinois; Marsha Giesler, assistant to the chief of the Downers Grove Fire Department, Illinois;  and Maria Bostian, fire and life safety educator of the Kannapolis Fire Department, North Carolina, discussed that topic  during the NFPA Conference & Expo in Chicago earlier this month. They were panelists for an education session titled “Designing Fire and Life Safety Education Programs on a Dime.” The session was on the Public Education track and sponsored by the Education Section of NFPA.

Schumacher said that as fire department budgets continue to decrease, educators must embrace power sharing. “We are all on this journey together,” she said. “Without the support of the fire chiefs and dedicated staff to provide services, I would have been eaten up.”

Giesler, who is also the 2012 Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year, talked about support as well. “Our firefighters are one of our best resources, and we need to take the time to train them in ‘our world’ of education. They can enjoy this part of the job once they get the tools.” Giesler added that it’s important to give firefighters ownership of their public education work.


Bostian discussed fun and inexpensive ways to get young children and teens interested in fire safety, such as QR code scavenger hunts, library story time programs, and safety camps. She also mentioned free educational programs from NFPA, including the Learn Not to Burn Preschool Program and Remembering When:™ a Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults .

All three panelists stated that even with community partnerships it could take years for public education programs to develop to a satisfactory level. They said educators shouldn't be discouraged.


!|src=|alt=|style=margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px currentColor; width: 80px; display: block; max-width: 100%;!Educator of the Year offers tips for keeping programs alive

Remembering When™ is NFPA’s premiere program reaching older adults with life saving fire and fall prevention to older adults. We also offer an annual Remembering When Training to help communities learn how to implement the program. Chris Harvey of the Roebuck (SC) Fire Department attended the Remembering When Training in December 2012. He began using the program in January 2013.

Last week I received a Safety Hero Story from Chris. On the evening of May 11, 2013, Mrs. Lesa Banks (Roebuck, SC) was at home preparing a meal for her family. While cooking the meal on the stovetop, the pan caught fire. Mrs. Banks had attended a Remembering When group presentation for older adults in Roebuck conducted by Captain Harvey. She remembered the cooking lesson learned during the presentation and always cooked on the stovetop with a lid that fit the pan nearby by just in case of a pan fire. When she noticed the pan on fire, she slid the lid over the pan to put out the fire.

Mrs. Banks paid attention to the Remembering When training and made a behavior change to always have a lid handy when cooking on the stovetop. She was able to put out the fire, thanks to Captain Harvey and Remembering When.

If you have a success story that has helped save a life in your community or family, we want to hear from you. Tell us your NFPA Fire Safety Hero Story.

If you are interested in attending the 2013 Remembering When Training, applications will be accepted through August 30, 2013.


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NFPA is soliciting session proposals for the 2014 NFPA Conference & Expo, to be held June 9-12, in Las Vegas. The NFPA Conference & Expo is widely regarded as the most comprehensive event in the industry. With approximately 5,000 attendees, it is the year's largest and most important event for the fire protection, life safety, and electrical industries.


!|src=|alt=Edsession|style=margin: 0px 0px 5px 5px;|title=Edsession|class=asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d8351b9f3453ef019103972ce1970c!If you'd like to share your knowledge and best practices, we invite you to send us your session proposals in any of the following topic areas:

    • Electrical

    • Fire Protection Engineering

    • Fire and Emergency Services

    • Emergency Preparedness/Business Continuity

    • Building and Life Safety

    • Loss Control/Prevention

    • Detection and Notification

    • Fire Suppression

    • Green Initiatives

    • Public Education

    • Research


Deadline: Monday, September 16<br />All proposals must be submitted online .

This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise, increase your exposure and visibility in your industry, add to your resume and your list of achievements, and meet valuable contacts and resources for your professional network. In addition, all speakers will receive a complimentary registration to the NFPA Conference & Expo.

For assistance or questions regarding:

Lightning safetyThunder and lightning storms happen all the time. But did you know that lightning strikes and lightning fires occur most often in the summer? Know what to do to keep you and your family safe when it does strike!

The official start of summer is tomorrow, June 21st and we are already experiencing signs of summer weather here in New England.  There have been some afternoon thunder and lightning storms this week and it reminds me of the safety tips I should follow when these storms happen. Summer is the peak time of the year for lightning strikes and lightning fires. However, lightning does occur year round. It’s important to be prepared for this dangerous weather phenomenon.

NFPA C  E CeremonyFor fire departments facing budget cuts, community volunteers can play a key role in keeping programs running, said Tracy Koslowski, NFPA’s 2013 Fire and Life Safety Educator of the

Koslowski made remarks during the annual business meeting of the Education Section of NFPA, held in Chicago on June 11, the day after she accepted the Educator of the Year Award at a ceremony during the general session of the NFPA Conference & Expo.

The public education/information manager and fire marshal for Drexel Heights Fire District
in Tucson, Arizona, said she responded to the news of budget cuts in her
department by creating a public education volunteer team. Koslowski trains the
volunteers on NFPA 1035 and general fire and life safety education. They teach
Learn Not to Burn, Risk Watch®, and Remembering When™: A
Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults

“Public education volunteers have been critical because of our budget cuts,” Koslowski said.  “They are keeping our programs alive.”

Send a smile to someone's inbox with Sparky's new eCard. Start the summer off right and send an eCard  to your friends and family. While you are on Sparky Cards, why not send a July 4th eCard, too? NFPA works with a great team at Powerhouse Animation to create eCards for every occasion. Look out for new cards coming this summer.


Network 1

The NFPA Public Education Network met during the NFPA Conference and Expo in Chicago. Forty–four members attended the one-day meeting where they had an opportunity to discuss challenges and success of the Network and participate in the “world café” which allowed them to  discuss specific topics of interest to them such as reaching older adults, dealing with staff reductions ad limited funding and fire safety issues associate with mobile homes. The Network members participated in regional meetings with their Public Education Advisor, networked at an evening reception and attended the NFPA Conference e and Expo.

The NFPA Public Education Network is made up of a fire and life safety education representative for every state and province. They communicate activities and information with their assigned NFPA public education advisor and disseminate NFPA information to fire safety educators throughout their state/province. Contact your Public Education Advisor for information on your Network representative.

Pub ed booth at NFPA conference 2013What a wonderful turnout at the 2013 NFPA Conference & Expo in Chicago.  To everyone that stopped by the NFPA Public Education booth, thank you!  We signed many of you up for Safety Source, NFPA's Public Education e-newsletter. The Safety Source mailing list reaches fire departments, parents, caregivers, teachers, and businesses.  

Thank you all for another successful NFPA Conference & Expo.  

 Brian and Steve at booth
Education Section board members Brian McQueen and Steve Welowszky greet the public at the NFPA Expo. 

If you’re in Chicago at the NFPA Conference & Expo, the Education Section executive board and directors would like to encourage you to stop by to say hello. Board members and directors will be at booth 280 at the expo through Wednesday afternoon to answer your questions about section activities.

One of more than a dozen member sections offered by NFPA, the education section seeks to enhance the professional development of section members, encourages active participation in the standards process, and serves as a networking outlet for members.

Remembering WhenNFPA is accepting application for the 2013 Remembering When Conference. We are looking for up to 30 communities to participate. Fire departments can partner with an agency whose main outreach to older adults is through home visits can apply. The Conference will be held December 1-3, 2013 in Boston. Remembering When is a program designed to teach fire and fall prevention behaviors to older adults. The program uses group presentation and home visits to reinforce 16 important safety messages. Activities included in the program include trivia, discussion, and role play. Don’t wait; start working on your application today. Applications are due to NFPA on or before August 30, 2013.

PreschoolersFact: Children under the age of five have a 20 percent greater chance of dying in a home fire when compared to the general public.

Addressing this issue, NFPA hosted the Preschool Fire Safety Messaging Roundtable last year that gave educators the chance to discuss new research needs and teaching techniques catered to this population. NFPA Journal columnist April Briggs outlines some of the outcomes in her latest column. For instance, "Learn about firefighters as community helpers" and "know the sound of a smoke alarm" were some of the key messages roundtable attendees agreed should be taught to preschoolers.

The event also resulted in changes to safety messaging that has now been included in NFPA's revamped Learn Not to Burn® Preschool Program, created more than 20 years ago to reach children ages 4-5.

For a more complete listing of the roundtable's outcomes, read Briggs' column in Journal.

Have you met the Public Education Advisor for your region?  All seven advisors will be at the 2013 NFPA Conference and Expo in Chicago.  Come by the NFPA booth #471 in the Expo during Expo hours, and meet the NFPA Public Education Advisors.  

NFPA’s Public Education Advisors are contracted consultants who support our educational outreach efforts. Every state and province is assigned an Advisor and they provide support to several states/provinces forming a region. These Advisors serve as a resource to their region by helping them develop educationally sound fire and life safety education strategies.  They promote programs such as Learn Not to Burn®, Remembering When™, Fire Prevention Week and other materials offered by NFPA.  The advisors also work closely with the NFPA regional directors for assigned region to offer support to the NFPA package of codes, standards and public education.

NFPA Pub Ed Advisors



[Sparky the Fire Dog |] and I need your help. We want to reach the goal of 100,000 subscribers for Safety Source , NFPA’s Public Education e-newsletter. The Safety Source mailing list reaches fire departments, parents, caregivers,&#0160;teachers, and businesses. You can sign up to receive June’s newsletter. Or if you are going to be at the NFPA Conference &amp; Expo in Chicago, stop by the NFPA booth. For a limited time, we will give away Safety Source micro fiber cleaning cloths to all those who sign up for the newsletter at the booth.

!|src=|alt=|style=margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px currentColor; width: 80px; display: block; max-width: 100%;!Are you getting the latest NFPA public education news?

An NFPA employee sent along this article out of her hometown, Ridgefield, Connecticut. It is a great reminder of the importance of cooking safety - and a great reminder about our 2013 FPW theme - "Prevent Kitchen Fires."

Unattended cooking led to a fire Monday evening that has displaced a family in Ridgefield. A 13-year-old girl called the fire department, reporting a blaze in the kitchen at her home. She and her younger brother and their babysitter had just returned to the house.

A general alarm was sounded, bringing all on-duty and available off-duty firefighters, and all volunteers to the scene.

“The fire was knocked down within 15 minutes,” Fire Chief Heather Burford said Tuesday morning. “Fire damage was limited to the kitchen, with some smoke damage elsewhere in the home and limited water damage. The home did have working smoke detectors.”

Fire Marshal David Lathrop has ruled the fire as accidental as a result of unattended cooking. The chief said that the fire was a reminder about “the importance of not leaving cooking of any sort unattended. In our busy worlds, it is too easy to become distracted once we have walked out if the kitchen.

“Stay with your food while you are cooking — kitchen fires continue to be the number-one fire in residential structures.”

For more cooking safety tips, please visit our FPW website


Start getting ready for Fire Prevention Week in October. Parents, teachers and the fire service will find great printables and activities on Sparky's Fire Prevention Week kid's page.

 Print out our Kids in the Kitchen sheet for suggestions by age group. Do you like helping out in the kitchen and cooking up  tasty snacks for your friends and family? Cooking can be lots of fun,  but it's important that kids know how to be safe in the kitchen. These  tips can help you figure out what you're old enough to do on your own --  and when it's time to ask an adult for help.

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