Easy Bake Oven Turns 50!

Blog Post created by judycomoletti Employee on Aug 12, 2013

Easy-bake-by-toyandtraindotcomHappy 50th anniversary to the Easy Bake Oven! The oven was introduced in 1963 and provided kids hours of fun baking cakes in the turquoise or yellow oven. Water was added to a cake mix and put in an aluminum cake pan. The pan was placed in a slot at one end of the oven and when it was baked, out the other end.  Two 100 watt light bulbs provided the heat source for this toy. Originally manufactured by Kenner, the oven is still available today through Hasbro. Although it has been redesigned to look more like a microwave and more gender friendly colors, it still provides kids the opportunity to learn about baking. Hasbro has taken baking to the digital age with Easy Bake Ultimate Oven on-line tips, how to bake videos and apps!

While supervision is required when children are using this toy, it provides an opportunity to teach safe cooking behaviors. Some of the messages a parent can teach include stay in the kitchen when cooking on the stove, stay 3 feet away from the stove, keep things that can burn away from the stove and keep the stove clean. A bonus message could even reinforce the importance of cleaning up after you cook, wash your pans and even store your Easy Bake Oven out of the way of family traffic.

Fire Prevention Week 2013 focuses on “Prevent Kitchen Fires”. You’ll find helpful cooking safety guidelines for kids in the kitchen as young as age 3 and into the teen years. We even have fun recipes for kids. If you have a child who has an Easy Bake Ultimate Oven, try making a Fire Prevention Week cake, decorating it with a cooking message and give the cake and safety message to someone you would like to remind to be fire safety in the kitchen. Even in play, there is always a teaching opportunity.