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Actor and funnyman Dick Van Dyke, who was at one point NFPA's voice of Sparky in a series of NFPA public service announcements, was rescued from a burning vehicle this week.

According to NBC News, the 87-year-old actor was driving on the 101 freeway near Los Angeles when his white Jaguar burst into flames. Drivers immediately called 911 and another pulled him from the burning car after seeing the actor slumped over the steering wheel. Fortunately, Van Dyke did not suffer any injuries from the incident.


Automobile fires, according to NFPA statistics, account for about 10 percent of reported U.S. fires. NFPA has also a tip sheet highlighting car fire safety.

In typical Van Dyke fashion, the actor made light of the situation by placing a photo of the wrecked vehicle on Twitter with the caption: "Used Jag for sale REAL CHEAP!!" Watch the Vine video of the incident's aftermath below.

Glad to hear you're OK, and still have that sense of humor, Dick.

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