Karen Berard-Reed

Fall prevention education hits home

Blog Post created by Karen Berard-Reed on Aug 23, 2013

I received some unfortunate news yesterday that one of our fabulous NFPA staff members fell while walking her dog and sustained serious injury.  She is in our thoughts as we wish her a speedy recovery.  For me, this event is another validation that the work we are doing to update and improve the Remembering When™ program is so important.  We know that one in every three adults age 65 and older falls each year in the U.S.  However, it really hits home when one of the victims is someone you know to be active, strong, and full of zip.  While seniors who are frail may have to be extra cautious, anyone can be injured from a fall.  Many of these injuries can be prevented.  

Past Remembering When scholarship winnersIf you’d like to learn more about the Remembering When program and how to help older adults in your community prevent falls and fires, please consider applying to our Remembering When scholarship program.  We will be selecting teams from up to 30 communities to receive expenses-paid trips to the training conference in Boston on December 1-3, 2013. You don’t have much time!  The deadline for application is August 30 – One week from today! 

On another note (Yes -- a pun there ♪) here is a chance to help out with the revision process of the Remembering When program.  If you have a few minutes, consider responding to this survey.  The survey asks you to rate a variety of songs based on familiarity and the results will be used to develop a presentation for Remembering When.  I am especially seeking opinions of those age 65 and over.  Participation is voluntary and anonymous – but could be a fun activity if you need a 10 minute brain break.  ♫

Thanks for your help!  Be safe.