NFPA in Seattle for Fire Safety Video Shoot

Blog Post created by judycomoletti Employee on Oct 16, 2013


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NFPA received a 2013 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to create “A School Year of Fire Safety Education.” This grant will fund the development of two music videos emphasizing the important fire safety messages recognize the sound of the smoke alarm and practice your home fire escape plan. Lesson plans will be created to support the videos with one video aimed at preschool – kindergarten and a second video for grades 1-3. The public education division has started working on the grades 1-3 video. Amy LeBeau and I traveled to Seattle, WA last week for the video shoot with an original song by Recess Monkey . It was so much fun to watch the kids doing rhythm skits for Latin, country and hip hop music. Movement includes pointing and looking up high for the smoke alarm, doing the “sprinkler”, and walking to “get outside.” The movements and messages are repeated throughout the video. Here is the chorus for the song:

    • Point up high
      (kids will point and look up high with right hand)

    • At the

    • Don’t be
      alarmed (kids will put left hand on their left hip)

    • When it
      starts beepin (kids will place left hand beside left ear)

    • When you
      hear that sound beep beep beepin (kids will do the “sprinkler”)

    • Time you
      were goin

    • Find two
      ways out (kids will hold up two fingers)

    • And you’ll
      be knowin (kids will simulate walking to get outside)

 Materials will be released in early